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Academic Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Faubion PreK-8 School graduate Chinemerem Amadi as a 2015 recipient of the Presidential Academic Excellence Award.

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Sun and Fire: Beat the Heat and Stay Safe

The 4th of July holiday and the arrival of summer has people eager to break out the fireworks, the barbeque, and start a campfire on their next hike or trip to the beach – but because of an extreme dry spell throughout the Northwest, fire officials are reminding residents to practice important fire safety measures.

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Good in the Hood

Celebrating local neighborhoods

Highlight's from this year's Good in the Hood Parade.

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Waterfront Blues Weekend

Extravaganza fighting hunger begins Thursday

The annual Waterfront Blues Festival comes back to Portland this weekend.

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Remembering Janice and Linda

Dawson Park concert to honor late music legends

A community musical legacy concert at Dawson Park on Wednesday

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Summer Concerts and Movies

The City of Vancouver presents another year of free concerts and movies in the parks from Wednesday, July 8 to Aug. 14.

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Special Tribute to B.B. King

Sylvester to open festival honoring Blues great

On Thursday, on the opening day of this year's Waterfront Blues Festival, Norman "Boogie Cat" Sylvester will play a special set to honor his greatest Blues influence, the late BB King.

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The Mental Trap

‘Escape Rooms’ to unleash your inner sleuth

A family owned adventures facility in Beaverton has a new team-building, mind-bending activity for friends, families or company excursions.

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Remembering My History and Who I Am

An act of terrorism and nothing less

I am the great grandson of a slave. The conversations about race, racism, bigotry, the confederate flag, historic oppression; these conversations are not abstract discussions for me, nor for many others who can trace their immediate lineage to slavery.

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Legal Marijuana Begins

Drug still has regulations; sales not ready

Starting July 1, the recreational drug became legal for personal use, but things are not as simple as they seem.

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When Claiming an Identity as Transgender

Some thoughts for folks with questions

Gender variance is a hot topic right now - so it might be valuable to familiarize with some terms and histories.

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In Loving Memory

Henry Earl Dizer

A life celebration to remember Henry Earl Dizer will be held on Thursday, July 2 at 1 p.m. at Morningstar Church.

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July 4th at Fort Vancouver

Independence Day at Fort Vancouver presented by Bank of America takes place Saturday, July 4 at the Fort Vancouver National Site.

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‘Finding your Roots’ on Hold

PBS has temporary put its "Finding Your Roots" series on hold after determining an episode that omitted references to Ben Affleck's ancestor as a slave owner violated its standards.

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Summer Theater Production

The Clackamas Repertory Theatre production of Tennessee Williams' classic play, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" opened Friday on the campus of Clackamas Community College.

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A Crime Against Humanity Sent Me to Harvard

Slavery still shapes our society

It’s a profoundly shameful history. But if we don’t face that history squarely — and acknowledge the ways it still distorts the structure of our society today — we’ll be incapable of undoing its legacy.

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Amazing Grace

Rousing eulogy touches on racial past and present

President Barack Obama used his eulogy for a slain pastor to deliver an unvarnished lecture on America's racial history Friday, and then boldly sang "Amazing Grace," a spiritual meant to summon hope in the darkest of times.

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Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra Date Postponed

Cancellation due to heat advisory

Essentially Ellington winners will perform at later late and at other festivals


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