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Unwavering Support for Smith

Leaders say county chair led biased investigation

An esteemed group of African American leaders issued a rebuke to Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury Tuesday saying the findings of wrongdoing in a county-led human resources investigation against County Commissioner Loretta Smith were unsubstantiated and instead were a political and racist attack against Smith, the only black member of the county commission.

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Pinched by Development

Expansion next door impacts legacy business

A black family in business in Portland for generations has been hit hard by some unintended consequences of gentrification, raising concerns about how the city’s building codes and utility regulations can negatively affect a minority business.

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Portand Jazz Icon Dies after Illness

Grammy Award-winning Portland jazz icon Thara John Memory died at the age of 68 on Saturday evening, according to his attorney.

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McCoy Academy Coming Down

The Portland Observer reported on the alternative school’s financial struggles in the face of gentrification last December. Since that time, the nonprofit Oregon Outreach organization that runs the school hasn’t been able to find affordable space for their classrooms and students.

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Habitat Homes Rise in Cully

Wells Fargo employees have volunteered more than 130 hours so far this year to build 21 affordable homes in Portland’s Cully neighborhood of northeast Portland.

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Pompeii Exhibit Comes to OMSI

See a city frozen in time by catastrophic eruption

A worldwide exhibit examining life in Pompeii both before and after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. opens Saturday, June 24 at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

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Nikki Brown Clown Party

Portland’s favorite brown clown is having a party.

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New Craft Beer Festival

More than 60 craft beverages will be served this weekend at the first annual BrewFest in the Park, scheduled June 23-25 at Overlook Park in north Portland.

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Urban Kids Fishing Derby

A free fishing excursion for youngsters will be held on Saturday, June 24 at Mt. Hood Community College.

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Food, Crafts and Live Music

Three blocks of food, crafts, and live music highlight the Broadway Street Festival in Beaverton.

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Enticing Kids for Summer Reads

Kids of all ages are encouraged to sign up for summer activities at any neighborhood branch of the Multnomah County Library system.

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Just in Time

Warmer temps arrive as pools open

Portland Parks and Recreation opened all of its outdoor pools for summer Tuesday just as the school year ends and warm warmer arrives in the Northwest.

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An Assault on the Least Among Us

We cannot let our neighbors go hungry

With President Trump's budget, Congress has now seen his plans for low income Americans, and Congress must wholly reject his vision in their own upcoming budget.

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Juneteenth Still Resonates in Powerful Ways

It reminds us how far we have yet to go

So why, amid all this progress, does the Juneteenth holiday still resonate so powerfully for so many Americans? Because Juneteenth reminds us how far we have yet to go. Racial inequality remains one of the top issues of our time.

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What Black Parents Must Do This Summer

Activities to make up for the education gap

There is a three year educational gap between black and white students. Many people love to believe it’s due to income, fatherlessness, educational attainment of the parent, and lack of parental involvement. I believe a major reason for the gap is we continue to close schools for the summer as if we are an agrarian economy.

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Staying Strong

‘Good in the Hood’ festival will go on

Community refuses to buckle from fear and intimidation


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