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Taking Aim at Gun Violence

Origami boxes represent the toll of lives lost

In the tradition of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the project is collecting one handmade origami box for every person killed or injured by gunfire in the US since 2014.

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Supporting Success for Kids

The Maurice Lucas Foundation raised almost $100,000 to support academic and athletic programs for underserved middle school students in the Portland area at a recent celebrity golf tournament.

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Black Voices Ring with Clarity, Integrity

It's a play about black people apart from the white gaze; they suffer but the play is not about black suffering. It's about love.

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Guns Lethalize Hatred, Anger, Despair

Speak out, organize and vote

Why does gun violence remain a uniquely horrible American epidemic and why does it go on and on and on and on?

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Catios Tour to Inspire Safety

A very popular Portland, one-of-a-kind event, the 7th Annual Catio Tour will showcase 10 diverse outdoor cat enclosures in north, northeast and southeast Portland.

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Altered Mug Shot before Judge

Police accused of trying to ‘rig the outcome’

The manipulation of a photo from a lineup of suspects in which police used Photoshop to remove facial tattoos on a black suspect was a police move the defense attorney said was an attempt to “rig the outcome” of a prosecution.

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Building Blocks to Success

Middle school kids get a true college experience

This summer, a group of middle school students from the Portland area got a true college experience at Oregon State University in Corvallis as part of a black student access and success Initiative to create pathways to higher education, and to increase the retention and academic success of black students.

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Bracing for Food Stamp Cuts

Advocates for the hungry decry proposal

Advocates for the hungry are bracing for the impacts while fighting against a proposed rule change from the Trump Administration that could kick more than three million people off of food stamps, including over 60,000 in Oregon.

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Meals 4 Kids

Summer program fills a hunger gap

21 million food insecure children are at higher risk of hunger when they are out of school in the summer.

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Neighborhood Block Party

Bring your family and friends for fantastic free food, activities for all ages, arts and crafts, family fun, and a live music performance by Dina Y los Rumberos!

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Portrait of Struggle and Survival

This weekend, the Northwest Film Center presents four screenings of a new documentary that follows three black subjects as they seek justice for the murder of a community member by police.

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In Loving Memory

Carl Ross Sr.

A Home Going Celebration for Carl Ross Sr. will be held Friday, Aug. 23 at 11 a.m. at the Highland Christian Center, 7600 N.E. Glisan. Viewing will take place at the church one day earlier, on Thursday, Aug. 22 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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Church Hosts Youth Advocate

A pastor of the Greenforest Community Baptist Church in Atlanta and author of a new book, "All Things to All People" Rev. Dr. Al Hollie Jr. believes firmly that “Life demands results, not excuses.”

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Tensions Ease after Protests

Police keep dueling groups apart

At its peak, the dueling protests Saturday drew in more than 1,200 people, with both far-right protestors and antifascist counter-demonstrators.

Metro Procurement RFP 3731

Concrete Joint Repairs

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Tackling Identity and Traditions

“The Chunta” is a powerful new documentary that gets up close and personal with two rival dance groups as they prepare for the Chunta--a yearly tradition in a small town in Mexico where men transform into women.

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Vancouver Water Feature Opens

The Vancouver Parks and Recreation Department will maintain the water feature as it draws locals and visitors to enjoy the city’s waterfront for years to come.

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Multicultural Night Market

Area residents from many regions of the world will share handmade crafts and goods representing their cultural roots at Beaverton Night Market, a new multicultural event with international food, crafts, live music and cultural performances.

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Brand to Lead PCC Diversity Office

Tricia Brand held the post on a temporary basis since last year and has been responsible to other duties related to equity over the past few years.


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