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Grow, Portland, Grow!

Impacts on race not studied in population forecast

Portland, you’re growing. Metro’s latest projections see the region swelling to about 3 million people in the next 20 years, an increase of around 400,000 people. For communities of color already impacted by gentrification, low employment and other factors, what does that mean for the future?

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Trans Student Denied Housing

Fight against discrimination at George Fox

Jayce Marcus, a Portland student at George Fox University, is battling school administration for the right to be housed with other males on campus.

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Real Life Drama

Capturing the soul of growing up

"Never has a film so poignantly captured the sweet ache of family life, of parenting, and of the passing of childhood." Our Opinionated Judge reviews the film Richard Linklater film, "Boyhood".

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Front and Center Showcase

Angelica Ross, a talented singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and activist will be the featured artist when Basic Rights Oregon presents Front and Center: Queer and Trans People of Color Showcase, on Thursday, July 31 at 7 p.m. at the Artist Repertory Theater, 1515 S.W. Morison.

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Giving Back to Our Venerable Institutions

No free riders, please

"The lives of our African American nonprofit entities are in jeopardy." Marcus C. Mundy former Urban Leadgue of Portland president says Blacks in Oregon must support Black led organizations the produce positive results for the community.

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Rewarding Bad Behavior in the Police Department

An insult to freedom and justice loving citizens

"Their decision shows insensitivity to those who have been victims of the Third Reich and their crimes against humanity as well as women who work in male-dominated professions. This is not the direction the citizens of Portland desire to be reflected in their Police Bureau and their city," says the AMA Coalition.

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A Falling Taboo

As ‘pot shops’ open nearby, what does it mean for Oregon?

A measure to legalize recreational marijuana will be on Oregonians ballots this November; past efforts to be shut down. With nearby Washington, opening up fully legal 'pot shops' what does it mean for Oregon?

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Family Album

Rock musical brings outsider voices to art and relationships

Our 'Opinionated Judge' reviews Oregon Shakespeare Festival's premier production of "Family Album," a rock musical that tackles the struggles for authentic expression in art and relationships.

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Historic Site Gets New Roof

A historic site for local African American history is getting a new roof. Located at Northeast First Avenue and Schuyler Street, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, was one of the original sites of worship for one of Portland’s oldest black congregations.

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The Struggle of Black Athletes in Oregon

History brought to light in new book

Portlander Herman L. Brame is taking on sports history in his new book, The Long Ebony Line: The First 100 Years of African American Athletes in Oregon, Circa 1860 – 1960.

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Standing in Line is a Myth for Most of Us

Our broken immigration system

Diana Anahi Torres-Valverde breaks down the "myths" of the path to U.S. citizenship

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Big Bang of Peace

Passerbys of the north Portland intersection of Killingworth Court and Borthwick Street will almost surely notice its newest instillation; a street mural of peace. Painted by members of the Multnomah County young-adult group Striving to Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere.

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Sharing Memories with Freeman Williams

Basketball great back on campus to preview film about his life

A recent screening of "Inner City of Champions" took place on the Portland State University campus and allowed Viking fans, boosters, teammates, athletes and staff to express their affection for legendary PSU basketball star Freeman Williams.

I have a Dream

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A Good Investment for Our Community

Diversity training is a step we should embrace

Roy Jay says the recent diversity training exclusively for and by white people, attended by city leaders like Mayor Charlie Hales and police chief Mike Reese "is an important step in a journey that will help make our entire community better."

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Celebrating Kirk Reeves

Mural to memorialize popular bridge performer

Commuters going across the Hawthorne Bridge in years past often got a glimpse of Kirk Reeves, playing his trumpet and performing magic tricks; now the late Portland staple will be memorialized in paint.

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Hired for Summer Jobs

County grows program for youth who face challenges

Young people are getting to work this summer with a SummerWorks job program now underway for the sixth year in a row. Since 2009, Multnomah County has contracted with the non-profit Worksystems, Inc., to hire 2,617 young people between ages 16 and 21 in jobs that gain them work experience critical to their long-term success.

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Black Rose Hosts Bestselling Author

Portland’s Black Rose Books invites the community to welcome national bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley for a reading and signing of her newest work at the North Portland Library Meeting Room, 512 N. Killingswoth St., Tuesday, July 22 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Author Promotes Explosive Novel

Portland young adult fiction writer Boss Amanishakhete does not shy away from the controversy. Instead she takes it head on in her latest installment the Tippy Ellis Story 3 “Holla Me Bad,” where she’s passionate about creating fiction with characters to which today’s youth can relate.

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Silence the Violence!

Youth take a stand to stop the community bloodshed

Youth lead a demonstration in McCoy Park in response to a recent rash of shootings, some fatal this summer to tell the community "Silence the Violence!"


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