More than a Decade in the Making

6/19/2013, 11:08 a.m.
A more than 10-year dream for Jefferson High School is finally realized.
A new welcoming frontage is fashioned at Jefferson High School on North Killingsworth Street thanks to funding from the Portland Development Commission.

The community wanted it and the late Carl Flipper galvanized it.

Flipper was a former president of Portland’s NAACP chapter and a Humboldt neighborhood resident who served on the Interstate Corridor Urban Renewal Advisory Committee. He went to work in 2002 on a project to make the streetscape in front of Jefferson High School more inviting to business-owners, residents, pedestrians, and most importantly students of the 105-year-old school.

His dream has come true with the creation of a completely new frontage and pedestrian plaza emblazoned with the school’s name.

The Portland Development Commission project represents a partnership with Portland Public Schools for increased physical improvements throughout the neighborhood. It cost the PDC about $600,000 to complete the work.