Portland Responds to Ferguson

Shockwave shared at ‘healing conference”

Olivia Olivia | 8/27/2014, 11:37 a.m.
Hailey Kilgore of Clackamas High School shared her experiences of racial profiling and other subjects at a Portland healing conference organized in response to the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Photo by Olivia Olivia

In response to the police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Portland stage actress Chantal DeGroat hosted a Ferguson healing conference at the Shaking the Tree Theater in southeast Portland Sunday.

Actors, artists, writers, and creatives from around the city joined to discuss the shockwave of pain felt in the black community in light of Brown's death and the Ferguson police's subsequent reaction.

The event awoke memories for many of the long history of police brutality in the United States targeted at black people.

People of all backgrounds were invited to bring artwork, sing songs, recite poetry, and read statements on Ferguson.

Don Kenneth Mason of Portland Center Stage sang a traditional black spiritual, "Lord How Get Me Here."

Afterwards, some students from the August Wilson Red Door Project shared personal stories and a poem.

Hailey Kilgore, 15, of Clackamas High School, shared thoughts on growing up with white parents and being pursued in stores while shopping.

--Olivia Olivia