Stories for March 2014

Monday, March 31

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Watch Out for Prediabetes

Almost everyone who has prediabetes goes on to develop type 2 diabetes

Being overweight comes with chronic disease risks, such as higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure. These increase the risk of developing other diseases, including diabetes, which is at epidemic levels in the black community.

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Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Avoid serious diabetes complications with these guidelines

Diabetics have to take special care of their feet. The disease can cause peripheral neuropathy—otherwise known as nerve damage.

Thursday, March 27

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Colorectal Screening Saves Lives

Procedure can detect cancer before symptoms occur

Tami Mahrt was two years past the recommended age for colorectal cancer screening. Though she considered herself healthy at 52 years old, she finally went in for her colonoscopy and awoke from the routine procedure with shocking news. Doctors spotted a 4.5 centimeter growth in her colon and said they’d need to remove it with surgery. Mahrt, a manager of operations for the Multnomah County Employee Benefits Office, shared her story during a recent Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month presentation before the Board of County Commissioners.

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Home Forward Names New Board Member

Charlene Mashia has been appointed to Home Forward’s Board of Commissioners, replacing Lee E. Moore Sr., who retired from the local housing authority’s governing body after 12 years of service.

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Peddling Anti-LGBT Hate in Other Countries

No one should be proud of these exports

Peter Montgomery examines lawful homophobia around the world.

Wednesday, March 26

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Building Community

Business owner and community stalwart Sharon Maxwell launches a campaign for City Council

Sharon Maxwell makes it clear that as a long-time advocate for her community, she has been on the front lines of making Portland a better place both in terms of an improved economy and improving social conditions.

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Hip Hop and the Police

Director of Independent Police Review Board updates investigation

The turmoil that has erupted between the Portland Police Bureau and a community of entertainers catering to the Hip-Hop scene has gained new eyes and ears.

Wednesday, March 19

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Jefferson Wins Back-to-Back Titles!

The Jefferson Democrats are once again sitting on the throne, as state champions. The 5A boys team was able to claim victory against Churchill, outscoring them 69-64. The Democrats win came at the heels of the suspension of six players that same-day for what’s being reported as “conduct detrimental to the team” by Jefferson coach Pat Strickland.

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Rose City Women Tell Their Own Stories

Women of Color Zines group fosters self-made publications

Women of color in the city are telling their own stories using a popular self-publishing artform called zines.

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Zoo Campers Learn and Explore

During spring and summer, Northwest campers should be prepared for encounters with bears, cougars and bobcats — not to mention giraffes, lions and flamingos. The Oregon Zoo’s popular Nature Rangers spring break camps return March 24-28, and summer camps start June 16.

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Conservatives Finally Wake Up to Prison Reform

Skyrocketing incarceration rates not sustainable

Judge Greg Mathis looks at the changing political climate around prison reform.

Wednesday, March 12

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My Brother’s Keeper Initiative Just a Start

Take my story as an example

Judge Mathis takes a critical look at President Obama's new program for youth males of color "My Brother's Keeper".

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Fostering Cultural Bonds

Students from Martinique have been visiting Oregon Episcopal School through a French language exchange program, and Timbers player Frédéric Piquionne, who also is from Martinique, came to chat with his countrymen and their school hosts.

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Navigating character, tradition and fate

‘In Bloom’ has teenage friends dealing with the world on their own terms

Our 'Opinionated Judge' Darleen Ortega reviews "In Bloom", a film that sees teenage friends dealing with the world on their own terms.

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Youth Employment Support

African American chamber helps with computers

Through the combined efforts of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Oregon and a generous equipment donation from CenturyLink, the chamber was recently able to provide enough refurbished computer systems to upgrade the student learning lab at the Youth Employment Institute.

Tuesday, March 11

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Recasting Trader Joes

Mayor meets with community to revive controversial project

The public outcry that led to specialty grocer Trader Joe’s pullout of a city-negotiated economic development project in the heart of Portland’s historic African American community may get reversed if the mayor and other city leaders are successful in new efforts to recast the project. Mayor Charlie Hales and Commissioner Dan Saltzman met with leaders of the African-American community, neighborhood, and business representatives at City Hall in an effort to bring the popular retail chain back, perhaps with more compromises for all parties at the table.

Wednesday, March 5

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“16 Bars” Going WorldWide

Local emcee boasts global exposure following debut release

Rapper/songwriters has amassed a huge following of fans across the states and the world at large following the release of his debut project "16 Bars". This output finds Bars exhibiting his often eclectic range, spinning on the usual braggadocio-train that’s expected from rappers, to moments of humbleness and vulnerability.

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Opportunity Shines

Housing advocate honored at retirement

Home Forward has honored longtime board member Lee Moore in a big way after his announcement of retirement. A community building at the housing agency’s latest HOPE VI re-development, Stephens Creek Crossing in southwest Portland will be named “The Lee E. Moore Sr. Opportunity Center” in honor of Moore’s advocacy for housing programs.

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A Witness for Justice and the Common Good

Using religion to discriminate is not new

"One of the privileges of living in the United States is the freedom to speak out and step forth on any variety of issues. The public square in the United States provides the platform for our voices to be heard, whether we agree or disagree on the topic at hand."--Rev. M. Linda Jaramillo

Tuesday, March 4

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Hip-Hop Shakedown

Show comes to abrupt end after police swarm club

The shutdown of a Hip Hop show in SE Portland sheds light on a longstanding complaint that "Hip Hop is being targeted by the City of Portland".