Couple Hooked on Vintage

Shop specializes in affordable treasures

Cervante Pope | 10/3/2016, 4:23 p.m.
Those that love sifting through treasures from the sartorial past should check out Sugar Mountain Vintage.
A love for treasures of the past turns into a business for Hannah Humphries and Jamie Winterlich (pictured), owners of Sugar Mountain Vintage, located in the King Neighborhood, just off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at 315 N.E. Wygant St. Cervante Pope/The Portland Observer

Finding a vintage shop that stands out from the rest can be difficult. The quality of the products offered, interactions between staff and customer and most definitely, the price, all play a factor in what makes a vintage shop solid. Those that love sifting through treasures from the sartorial past should check out Sugar Mountain Vintage.

Hannah Humphries and her partner Jamie Winterlich opened the shop in a retail strip just off Martin Luther King Boulevard last year.

The two met and bonded over their love of thrifting nearly 10 years ago while working at a local movie store. Once the two joined in love, they began realizing they wanted to transition into the vintage business.

They got their start when they found an old painting in their attic and decided to try selling it instead of throwing it away. When a transaction with the famous art auctioneers Christie’s New York proved fruitful, the couple was hooked, and immediately began taking steps towards starting their own second hand store.

Sugar Mountain Vintage is located in the same King Neighborhood where Humphries and Winterlich live. The shop specializes in 60’s and 70’s styles but also provides a diverse spread of clothing and accessories made of quality fibers like cotton, wool or silk, with particular attention going to a piece’s craftsmanship. Sugar Mountain’s main mission, says Humphries, is to be affordable. Prices are kept low to encourage those with a Forever 21 or H&M budget that still want quality-made clothing to come in.

“Buying vintage is close to my heart because not only is it great to get one of a kind pieces but I feel good about not supporting “disposable” clothing made in China or from slave labor,” says Humphries.

You’re invited to come browse around the friendly, enjoyable and picaresque décor of Sugar Mountain Vintage, 315 N.E. Wygant St. Follow them on Instagram at @sugarmountainvintageshop for sneak peeks into new shop items.