Music To Feed Your Hip-Hop Craving

Portland’s Swiggle Mandel’s new mix tape

Felicia Slider | 4/18/2017, 4:26 p.m.
Like wet is to water, Swiggle Mandela lyrics are liquid.
Portland hip hop music artist Swiggle Mandela releases a new mixtape “The Master Peace’s,” a melodic master piece.

Like wet is to water, Swiggle Mandela lyrics are liquid. Like fat meat is to greasy food, the Portland hip hop artist’s new mixtape is phat. If you’re looking for some music to feed your hip-hop craving, then hunger no more.

Titled “The Master Peace’s,” the CD will feed your hip hop hunger. Mandela’s poetic prose is mentally mind-blowing as he gives respect to the past, present and future of hip-hop. Many of the tracks give reference to Portland, like the popular black-owned food cart “Stoopid Burger,” Jefferson High School and a piece on the legality of marijuana in the city called “Portlandsterdam”

His verbal penmanship give a poetic signature that no other artist can counterfeit.

“This is my sequel. I rap for the people. I rap for all artists. I rap for hip hop and music culture that also produces and makes music. I rap to motivate the masses,” Mandela says. “I’m half black and half Filipino, often imitated, never duplicated.”

I sat down, shared and lounged with the lyrical linguistic during his recent mixtape release show at the Clinton Street Theatre and his X-Ray TV launch.

Each track of “The Master Peace’s” is beyond extraordinary. Like a summa cum laude student, Mandela’s swag is rooted in an academic musical record of flawless flows. Each track is an essay of entertainment, but also, edutainment. What Swiggle does dutifully is that he wants his fans to think deep, digging into their mental dungeons, but also party, politic and parlay with the people.

One of the many tracks that fans will love is “Stoopid Burger” a rap about Portland’s uber famous black owned, delicious and nutritious food cart. The piece is not just about the food, but the day to day flow of life experiences that people can relax, rejuvenate and relate to.

For those of you that are prefer to find your music swag on social media, he has released some exclusive songs to flex our mental musical rolodex. Mandela’s is a mack when it comes to publicity. He’s a social media sovereign. From Band Camp to Reverb Nation, he knows how to market his rhymes to the masses. You can get a peep at his popularity via the virtuosity of viral videos on You Tube.

Like Chance The Rapper, Ace Dough, Cool Nutz, Vurstayl, Mike Capes and an infinite list of locals and artist near and far, Mandela breaks away from the borders of corporate labels. Not because the labels aren't lining up, but because social media is a no limits landscape of the unlimited where the artists have the power to put themselves on if done the right way.

You can follow Swiggle Mandela at Soundcloud.com/swigglemandela .