In the Neighborhood

1/12/2017, 12:59 p.m.
The Portland Observer asked community members in North East and North Portland to share their thoughts about Dr. King's work ...
Beginning left to right, then top to bottom are: Mia Foster, Eric Nzayiramya, Ramona, Martha Pelster, Diana Lease, John Saito and Leonard Latin

If Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, what do you think would be his first priority?

‘His main thing would be equal Civil Rights for everyone.’

Mia Foster, Portland Community College student

‘He would be against the racism, which is a problem in the United States. But, he would be very proud that Barack Obama became president.’

Eric Nzayiramya, PCC student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

‘Getting communities of color united against systemic oppression.’


‘I’d be curious to know his views on how much progress we’ve made or not made. We clearly have a lot left to do. We gotta do better, we gotta be better.’

Martha Pelster, pharmaceutical worker

‘There are so many things. He would be working on voting rights for African Americans, because they are so targeted for having their voting rights taken away.’

Diana Lease, PCC professor of International students

‘Fighting injustice. He would keep doing what he did for us before.’

John Saito, retired dean at PCC Cascade

‘He would keep diversity in this country. He would make sure there’s equal opportunity for everybody.’

Leonard Latin, Gospel singer