Skipping Meals Doesn’t Help

Janita “JJ” Jones | 11/30/2017, 2:26 p.m.
Do you ever have one of those days where your time is occupied with everything else but food? We all ...

Do you ever have one of those days where your time is occupied with everything else but food? How many times have you ever caught yourself finding that dinner is your first meal of the day? We all know that not eating is unacceptable and that we are supposed to eat but that is sometimes easier said than done. Here are five things to consider when you don’t eat:

  1. Your metabolism rate will slow down and you will not burn any fat. It is counterproductive to work out if you are not eating. Food is fuel and your body needs fuel to burn. It can only burn your “reserves” for so long and trust me… your reserves are not that plentiful.

  2. If you don’t eat any protein, you will not grow any muscles. This applies to everyone and not just those in the body building profession. Protein can also come in a non-meat form. Eggs, nuts, beans and quinoa are excellent sources of protein.

  3. Missed meals cause cramps. A horrible tightening of your stomach can take place after a long session of not eating. When you are starving, the likliehood of choosing something healthy as a snack or a meal becomes slim. You might also be dealing with the effects of being “Hangry,” that combination of hungry and angry can cause some people to be unbearable.

  4. Eating too little will cause fatigue and low energy, making your meetings, tests, appointments and daily tasks challenging to complete. Speaking for myself I know that I cannot effectively parent if I have low energy. My children require me to be ready and alert.

  5. You could get really sick. Fainting, dizziness and headaches are symptoms of Hypogycemia, the result of low glucose levels. Muscle spasms and heart dysrhythmias are symptoms of Hypokolemia or low potassium. These conditions can be prevented with eating.

Let’s be clear… When I say eat, I mean healthy food options. However, if you have to grab a McChicken on the run don’t feel guilty about it. Think about how you can be better prepared for a snack attack next time.

Janita “JJ” Jones is a fitness professional and sports journalist for the Portland Observer. Find her cheering on her alma maters the University of Nevada and Benson High School, chasing after her baby dragons, coaching amazing athletes or teaching exercise classes. She can be reached via email at jj@theportlandobserver.com.