The Flu Took Me Out!

Janita “JJ” Jones | 2/14/2018, 10:10 a.m.
Can we please give a round of applause for the worst flu season ever!

Can we please give a round of applause for the worst flu season ever! Oh my goodness, when I say it took me out... I mean it took me out!

I was so weak I couldn't even pick up my son. I went into urgent care and was given two bags of saline due to severe dehydration. This is not only my story but the story for a lot of us.

My social media feed is full of this nasty crud attacking families all around. The debate on whether to get a flu shot or not is not one I am looking to get into. Everyone is my family got flu shots and every one in my family got the flu. Hydrating with Pedialyte became a staple in my fridge for three months.

A simple stroll into the website for the Centers for Disease Control will show you that every week this year activity for influenza has increased. Face masks are a must if you are in close contact with potentially sick people. We have all been around that person that should have stayed home with all of their germs but decided to get out and spread the love anyway.

Continuously washing your hands and disinfecting high traffic areas is also a must. That means targeting door knobs, cell phones, steering wheels and shopping carts.

I had a friend ask me for any old school remedies to help kick her crud. The list was a pretty good compilation of some favorite health comforts, like Vicks or Euclyptus oil on the bottom of the feet with socks or using the menthol products in a steamy shower. Other aids are vegetable broth, jalapenos and hot sauce soup, sleep with a hat on your head, pho with garlic, ginger and apple cider vinegar.

When you are sick and under the weather do not expect to work out. Some people are able to sweat it out and stay active while sick. Depending on your level of sickness, the good old fashioned remedies of rest and relaxation may help you get on the path of recovery faster! Listen to your body and do not over do it or push it until you are ready!

Janita “JJ” Jones is a fitness professional and sports journalist for the Portland Observer. Find her cheering on her alma maters the University of Nevada and Benson High School, chasing after her baby dragons, coaching amazing athletes or teaching exercise classes. She can be reached via email at jj@portlandobserver.com.