Keeping Up with Grandma

Janita “JJ” Jones | 1/31/2018, 10:39 a.m.
Grandma reminded me of the importance of drinking water first thing in the morning to get yourself hydrated. We have ...

Happy 75th birthday to my grandma! She has survived cancer and has outlived two of her three ex husbands. She is hilarious and is also extremely active. She swims weekly at Columbia Pool, trains with her walking group and will be participating in this year’s Portland-to-Coast relay for what I believe will be her sixth or seventh time.

As you can see grandma is hard to keep up with! She calls me when she has ideas that I should put in my articles. This one is for her.

Grandma reminded me of the importance of drinking water first thing in the morning to get yourself hydrated. We have talked about this previously but now it’s coming from grandma so you have to listen.

My grandma keeps a glass of water by her bed and will drink the whole thing when her alarm goes off in the morning. She makes a great point. Remember if you are reapplying Chapstick constantly and your lips are brittle or cracking that is a sign of dehydration. Follow grandma’s rules and drink some water!

Grandma also wanted me to share some exercises for seniors using a chair. Chair exercises are wonderful for taking the stress off your joints. Young or well seasoned, chair workouts can keep you active. Low intensity and modifications make chair exercises wonderful for any ability. Here are a few you can do for a time or set number:

Seated in a chair with feet on ground raise your hands above your hand and alternate straight leg raises.

Seated in a chair raise both hands shoulder height with palms down. Swing your arms back (keeping them straight) to a 45 degree angle and bend over at the same time. Swing your arms back up shoulder height and sit up tall. Repeat.

Seated in a chair scoot to the edge of the chair and keep your legs straight. Put your hands behind your head and bend forward at the waist and then bend back to your starting position. Keep your belly button sucked into your back for good posture and repeat.

These exercises will get you going. Perfect to do in-between meetings, while seated at your desk or while you wait for the grands to come over and play!

Janita “JJ” Jones is a fitness professional and sports journalist for the Portland Observer. You can find her cheering on her alma maters, the University of Nevada and Benson High School, chasing after her baby dragons, coaching amazing athletes and teaching exercise classes. Reach her via email at jj@portlandobserver.com or Instagram @runjanitarun.