Fighting Ben Carson's 300 Percent Rent Hike

Portland’s Gray Panthers mobilize

Lew Church | 5/23/2018, 10:09 a.m.
Ben Carson, Donald Trump's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), proposed a 300 percent rent hike last month against ...
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson Photo by Gage Skidmore

Like Trump’s budget cut proposals for Medicare, food stamps (SNAP), National Public Radio, the Environmental Protection Agency and other programs that benefit people throughout our country -- the HUD rent hike proposal is one more step in a Trump-Carson attack on folks who have worked all their lives, who may be disabled, who may be women or mothers with children, and on many communities across our land.

Writing almost two centuries ago, Karl Marx might have been thinking of the Trump era when he said"... passions without truth, truths without passions; heroes without heroic deeds, history without events; development whose sole driving force seems to be the calendar, wearying with constant repetition of the same tensions and relaxations..."

In other words, Trump, Carson and their ilk simply seek to wear folks down, and, hope by hope, Twitter by Twitter, to silence dissent and opposition. While not every tenant has read Karl Marx, many have heard the reframe from a more recent civil rights organizer, Malcolm X, to fight the powers that be “By Any Means Necessary."

Lew Church is coordinator of Portland Gray Panthers and founding publisher and editor of two activist Portland State University papers, the Rearguard and the Agitator.