In the Community

“What’s your motivation to vote?”

10/31/2018, 11:56 a.m.
We asked community members on the eve of the Nov. 6 General Election: "What's your motivation to vote?"
From left: Chloe, Brittany Abelein, Miles Craig, Raymond Quinton, and Elizabeth Keener. Photo by Danny Peterson

"Well I decided not to because of the turn of events that happened with Trump coming into office and then Kavanaugh. Essentially, it's just shown us that we really don't have the power that we were told that we did have."

--Chloe, northeast Portland

"Well I think being a person in the society, if you're a citizen, that should be part of being a citizen is voting and participating and showing that you care. It's a responsibility…There is definitely things that I am concerned about and I know that at least voting or if you call people and voice your opinion on things, you can make a difference.

--Brittany Abelein, southeast Portland

"There's a lot of important issues...constitutional amendments and bond issues for Portland. It's a big deal and not to mention it's a governor's race and, you know, there's lots of important city candidates. It's just big all around.”

--Miles Craig, northeast Portland

"Well I vote every year….So that you can participate in the process. So that you can make a difference and influence decisions that are made about your well being."

--Raymond Quinton, northeast Portland

“What motivates me to vote is to make a difference and letting a voice out.”

--Elizabeth Keener, north Portland