Trump Mob is More Tattered by the Day

The stinky cheese in the White House

1/10/2019, 11:26 a.m.
The Mueller team now has 33 rats that have flipped, plus three corporations involved in violations of election, bribery, and ...

Maria Butina, rat. She is Russian, she was caught as a foreign agent who never registered. She pled guilty to spying for Russia and conspiracy to hijack the National Rife Association, and presumably is spilling the beans in order to reduce the consequences of her nefarious activities helping funnel the NRA millions of dollars plus a loud endorsement to Trump.

Michael Cohen was a rat whose cooperation might have at least reduced his penalties, which included a million dollars or so in fines plus three years in prison. He was Donald J. Trump's lawyer and fixer for years, and confessed to many criminal activities, all done in the service of, and at the direction of, Trump.

Even the National Enquirer -- paid by Trump to kill a story about his "alleged" extramarital affair with Playboy playmate Karen McDougal -- has turned state's evidence, via its parent corporation, in order to gain immunity from prosecution for violations of federal election laws.

Mike Flynn, Big Rat. He lied to the FBI, to the public, to Vice President Pence and to Congress. He subsequently met and presumably divulged a great deal to the Mueller special counsel team in 19 sessions, more than 60 hours of spilling the sacks of beans he had been hoarding.

The Mueller team now has 33 rats that have flipped, plus three corporations involved in violations of election, bribery, and illegal hush money activities. Infestation Alert!

Let's be clear about these rats. None were struck with an attack of conscience that caused them to come forward. Each one, every one, was caught. All of them decided to cooperate only after the government prosecutors had the goods on them. These are not praiseworthy people. I mean, Flynn was the one initiating and leading chants of "Lock Her Up” at Trump campaign rallies.

And while one story seems to be about sex and another seems to be about working with Russians to steal the 2016 election for Trump, they are in the end the same. It all comes down to election theft and crushing democracy.

The National Enquirer and Cohen were busy trying to cover up Trump's cheating on his wife with porn stars so that presumably white evangelicals would still vote for him -- covering up the huge hush payments that were made right before the 2016 election.

Flynn met with Sergey I. Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States at the time of the transition, assuring him that Trump would end those pesky sanctions on Russia that Obama placed when Putin invaded and stole Crimea. That was the Russian bet: elect Trump and sanctions go away, as well as NATO weakens.

Flynn, as Trump's ally in the campaign and then as head of the National Security Agency, did all that, acting as an agent of a hostile foreign dictator, even as another of their Russian agents, Butina, was being directly handled by Vladimir Putin's buddy, oligarch banker Alexander Torshin.

Ah, the rat system. It is how the po-po and the prosecutors get damning information on defendants, those threatened with prosecution, and all their criminal associates. Flipping rats.