In Loving Memory

Lloyd Noble

2/10/2020, 12:26 p.m.

Lloyd Noble was born Aug. 6, 1935 in Seminole, Okla. to Stephen Noble and Estella Jackson. On Jan. 28, 2020, the Lord called him home after being ill for a number of years. His mother passed at an early age, and he was raised in Bakersfield, Calif. He also lived in Spokane with his oldest brother Everett and wife Violet. Later on he moved to Portland and stayed with his sister Frances Odom and Olene Rosemon.

He was active in life and was president of the AARP Chapter 5264 for many years. He worked many jobs, such as a longshoreman and as an assistant chef at a Bohemian restaurant. Later on he joined the Merchant Marines and worked as a cook on a ship. He also joined the electricians union and became an electrician on the vessels he worked on. He was very proud of that. He carried ammunition for three years and never shot a bullet. He travelled around the world for 27 years, countries as Africa, Japan, Egypt, Korea, and many states in the USA

He was sharp dresser and very outgoing. He married Louise Kinsey on April 7, 1960 and adopted Linda, Tanya and Malcolm and raised them from an early age. He joined the Church of Living God in 2006 as a deacon under Pastor Maxie. Later on in 2016 he joined the Bethesda Church under pastor Jointer.

He leaves his beloved wife Louise, his adopted children, many family members and friends.

A memorial service will be held Thursday, Feb. 13 at 1 p.m. at Bethesda Baptist Church, 1730 S.E. 117th Ave.