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Career Education is Pathway to Opportunity

The fact is, having a steady job with good pay and benefits – in other words, a career – leads to a more satisfying life with more self-determination. I’m not suggesting that money buys happiness, but a gainful job offers a person more choices: choices on where to live, what to do with your spare time, how you wish to raise your family, and much more.

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Ordinance Condemns Hate Groups

A city ordinance condemning white supremacy and alt right groups will be put before Portland City Council on Thursday, the Office of Mayor Ted Wheeler said.

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Black Business Pioneer

Harvey Garnett, 82, Portland first black theater owner was the first person to ever take out advertising in the Portland Observer in 1970 as the proprietor of then Alameda Cinema--now known as the Alberta Rose Theatre—located at 3000 N.E. Alberta St.

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Black History Month at SEI

The Center for Self Enhancement on 3920 N. Kerby Ave. has begun a series of free community events this month in honor of Black History Month.

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State Panel Adopts Diversity Rule

Giving guidance to $100 billion in investments

The Oregon Investment Council has amended its overarching management values and beliefs to highlight its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Come Play with Our Lights

The right light to chase the winter blues is a light that is very close to the light nature created.

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If Beale Street Could Talk

Love survives hardships in top film from 2018

a broken heart is the only appropriate response to this story of two young people, Fonny and Tish, who have only love to sustain them through unspeakable hardships that are thrust upon them, as they are upon black people in America to this day. Their love is what grounds the story because it is so clearly what enables the young lovers to withstand, without entirely breaking, the blows that would and do break many others--the daily indignities, the violations of their bodies, the constant messages that, as Tish explains, black people receive from childhood--"that they weren't worth shit--and everything around them proved it."

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A Heroine for Transit Rights

Rosa Parks’ civil rights activism started early

An often overlooked aspect of the story of Rosa Parks, the civil rights icon whose refusal to move from her seat for a white passenger during the segregated south in the mid-1950s and subsequent arrest helped spark the modern civil rights movement, is that Parks’ choice that day was part of a planned, intentional act of demonstration against the racist Jim Crow laws of Montgomery, Ala., her hometown at the time.

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Transit Riders Organize

Ad hoc ‘rider advocates’ push TriMet to act

A grassroots effort to bring back civilian volunteers on public transit to help de-escalate conflicts and provide information and support to riders is currently in an unofficial prototype phase, thanks to OPAL—a civil rights and environmental justice organization which stands for “Organizing People, Activating Leaders”—and a bus riders union called Bus Riders Unite.

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Biketown Salute to Black History

First in a year-long ‘culture collection'

A new, striking design that celebrates Black History Month joined the fleet of Portland’s Biketown bicycle rental service Friday.

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Heartfelt Black History Production

Portland'5 presents the 13th annual “Who I Am; Celebrating Me,” a community of youth and adult artists exploring black history through theater.

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Winter Light Festival Encore

More than 100 illuminated installations, artists, performers, interactive activities, and events will brighten the Portland cityscape and capture the city imagination this week for the 2019 Portland Winter Light Festival presented by Portland General Electric.

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NBA All-Star Again

Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard was named an NBA Western Conference All-Star by a vote of NBA head coaches last week.

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Defensive Super Bowl

Patriots score 13-3 victory

In a Super Bowl short on scoring, it was the New England Patriots’ defense that set the tone.

Clark College-Applications

Clark College

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Critter Club for Preschoolers

Beginning Feb. 11, kids ages 3 to 5 can enjoy the Oregon Zoo’s newest camp offering: Critter Club. Each three-day class — developed specifically for little ones and led by education professionals — features imaginative play, movement, storytelling and live animal interactions.

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Pushing Boundaries in Dance

White Bird welcomes Shay Kuebler and Radical System Art, an esteemed dance group that pushes boundaries of physical performance by fusing forms like hip hop, martial arts and theater.

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Chinese New Year Events

Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden kicks off the Year of the Pig with two weeks of special events celebrating the most colorful, sensational and joyous of all Chinese festivals — Chinese New Year.

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Public Health Advocate Hired

A leader from Portland’s African American community has been promoted to president and chief executive officer of the Northwest Health Foundation, an organization advocating for health policies that give every person the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

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Black Panther Earns Top Prize

(AP) – “Black Panther” took the top award at Sunday's 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards, giving Ryan Coogler's superhero sensation its most significant awards-season honor yet and potentially setting up Wakanda for a major role at next month's Academy Awards.

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