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Life in the Rural South

Award winning documentary screens at Portland Art Museum

An uncommonly specific and compassionate look at life in a mostly black, rural community in Alabama

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Vote and Dream

Museum shares message for civic engagement

Participating in the democratic process and midterm election by raising a banner by Carrie Mae Weems, an acclaimed African American artist and Portland native.

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We Need to Talk About Masculinity

Need to change the discussion

Maybe if we raised men to feel their full range of emotions, to feel confident in their manhood without violating women, and to respect the boundaries of others, we wouldn’t have to teach women to use the buddy system and watch their drinks.

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In Loving Memory

George R. Walker III

Sunrise: Sept. 9, 1951 Sunset: Sept. 15, 2018

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In Loving Memory

Beverly Jean Welch Hardman

Beverly and her four siblings grew up in Portland. She was a graduate of Scripps College and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Washington.

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Shaking Up Controversy

Earthquake retrofits seen as next wave for displacements

A city-led effort to post and label some buildings in Portland as potentially unsafe during a major earthquake, the first step to requiring major and costly upgrades, is shaking up controversy with many African American community church leaders, among others, who say the unintended consequences of such a measure may lead to an undesired repetition of history: homes, businesses and non-profit organizations in traditional communities of color being displaced at the hands of the city.

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On Race and Class

Profile Theater tackles a divided nation

At a time in our nation when there is much division, giving a theatrical voice to the diversity in our humanity is a great way to start a conversation. Portland’s Profile Theatre current new season which focuses solely on female and person-of-color playwrights, led by a local black actor and director of color.

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Diversity Embraced at Local FBI Office

Agent’s service is a second career

From bakers to bankers and teachers to truck drivers, the FBI is made up of people from every potential background, and these “unexpected agents” help to make the Bureau both strong and successful. The FBI currently has about 13,000 Special Agents. Over its 110-year history, the agency has been known for hiring accountants, lawyers, former cops, and military veterans to fill those jobs. The Bureau also knows, though, that diversity in all ways at all levels makes the agency a better advocate for the people it serves: you!

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Life under Nazi Rule

The Portland Art Museum and Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education jointly present two exhibitions featuring photographs from German-occupied Poland in 1939 when the Nazis consolidated a Jewish population of more than 160,000 into the Lodz Ghetto.

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Taking Hip Hop by Storm

Critically acclaimed Los Angeles rapper Duckwrth is taking hip hop by storm with his new single “Fall Back,” a perfect anthem to close out summer.

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Building Economic Self Sufficiency

Help with business start-ups geared to underserved

Mercy Corps Northwest, headquartered in downtown Portland, works with underserved and aspiring entrepreneurs in Oregon and Washington to help build thriving communities in the Pacific Northwest. The nonprofit offers business education, grants and loans that address small business owner’s needs and supports them as they build toward economic self-sufficiency and prosperity.

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From Food Cart to Restaurant

Airport welcomes new small business start

Bangkok Xpress Thai Food at Portland International Airport is a story of firsts. The new restaurant is the first Thai food restaurant at PDX. It’s also the first brick and mortar location for Bangkok Xpress. And Bangkok Xpress is the first to graduate from the PDX food cart program into a traditional restaurant location in the airport.

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Achieving as a Parks Ranger

Manager gets call after proving his abilities

Portland Parks and Recreation’s Vicente Harrison has been promoted to Security and Emergency Manager for the Portland Park Ranger program. Harrison joined the PP&R team in 2012 as a seasonal Park Ranger. He went on to earn a permanent Ranger position, and in 2016 was promoted to Park Ranger Supervisor. His employment advancement comes after he proved his versatility, dedication and people skills by driving positive changes in the Ranger Program, officials said.

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Excelling in the Martial Arts

Participants build on discipline and spirit

Northeast Boys and Girls Club members are excelling in the martial arts. Congratulations to seven students from northeast Portland who recently took home trophies at the 2018 Moo Duk Kwan Championships in Lake Oswego.

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The Discovery of King Tut

A compelling insight into the discovery of pharaoh’s tomb

The Discovery of King Tut, an exhibition about one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, opens on Saturday, Oct. 6 at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). The reproduction of the burial treasure in its original archaeological context offers a compelling insight into the historically unique discovery of the Pharaoh’s tomb in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings more than 95 years ago. A discovery that remains unparalleled to this day: a virtually intact pharaonic tomb with all its treasures.

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Comedy Shines in ‘A Life’

Dana Green, Nat DeWolf, Gary Norman and Cycerli Ash perform in the Portland Center Stage at the Armory production of “A Life,” a funny play about the meaning of life from Adam Bock and commissioned for its West Coast debut.

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Shapeshifting Movement

Portland’s White Bird dance series kicks off its third decade with the return of Pilobolus, a group of super athletes as well as great dancers known for their astounding shapeshifting moves

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Honored by Fellow Journalist

Book shares experiences of black anchor

Say “Al Allen” in Metro Detroit, and people smile, thinking of the cheerful reporter who greeted them through their TV screens every morning… broadcasting live from frigid freeway overpasses, crime scenes, celebrations, and just about anywhere.

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Breast Cancer Health Focus

Komen reaches out to African Americans

Despite similar screening rates, breast cancer is detected at an advanced stage more often in black than in white women, and breast cancer mortality is nearly 41 percent higher in black women than in white women in the U.S.

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Happy 100th Birthday Mom!

On Saturday, Oct. 13 at 1 p.m., a centennial birthday celebration will be held with family and friends for Bennie Manuel given by her daughters and granddaughter.

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