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Healthy Babies Ahead!

Improving childbirth outcomes by breaking cultural barriers

The International Center for Traditional Childbearing is celebrating a victory, having just received a grant for its African American Childbirth Educators Program.

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Historic Drama Reflective of Modern Reality

Selma movie wins hearts and minds

Who among us could have predicted that a cinematic retelling of the heroic efforts of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders in 1965 to organize and lead marches from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in an effort to gain equal voting rights for African Americans in that city would end up teaching us as much about the present as it does the past?

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Homeless Youth Stories

Creative mentoring brings production

A new performance is hitting Portland this weekend. “Maybe It’s Because…(I’m So Versatile)” is a performance piece written and performed by homeless and transitional youth.

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Combating Displacement

Bureau releases $20 million housing plan

After extended public input, the Portland Housing Bureau has a formal plan on how to use $20 million in Urban Renewal monies to fight gentrification in north and northeast Portland.

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Real Path to Greatness is Through Service

A lesson to teach about Dr. King

Dr. King said too many people never outgrow this instinct—and by constantly struggling to be the most powerful or famous or wealthiest or best-educated, we forget one of the Gospels’ and life’s largest truths: the real path to greatness is through service.

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Investing in Youth

A power luncheon for young women of color

Dozens of high schoolers from Portland’s black community are learning about leadership with a powerful line-up of women.

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The Minority Retort

Series debut for comedians of color show

A new monthly showcase of comedians of color is coming to northeast Portland.

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Down Payment Lifeline

Neighborhood LIFT creates 259 new homeowners

The New Year has turned 259 former renters into Portland homebuyers thanks to the collaboration between Wells Fargo, the non-profit Portland Housing Center, and NeighborWorks America.

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Fighting Hunger in Oregon

The Oregon Food Bank is casting their net wider than ever in hopes of accessing more resources for those in need.

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Bullets and Bombs Can Never Silence Voices of Laughter and Friendship

Lessons from Charlie Hebdo massacre

As a political cartoonist who happens to be both American and Muslim, I often find myself at the intersection of media curiosity: Muslim, with all the stereotypical notions attached to that, but also a freedom-loving artist and a humorist.

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Sony, Charlie Hebdo and the Right to Offend

Not exactly role models for the cause

The cyberattacks against Sony and the recent killings of 12 people during the attack on the Paris newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, have sparked an international debate about freedom of speech and the right to offend.

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In Loving Memory

Fannie Mae Stokes

She was known throughout the community and was affectionately called “Aunt Fan,” as she was always willing to give her time and personal resources to ensure her family’s needs were met.

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Changing the Narrative

Shining a light on Portland community of black artists

Samiya Bashir is in the midst of writing her latest book and preparing for her next reading series.

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The Need for a Truth and Reconciliation Process

Healing from the long history of racial trauma

The killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have sparked a national outcry to end the epidemic of police brutality against black men.

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Mayor and Council Step Back on Police Reform

City appeal should be rescinded

While every major city and various small cities throughout the nation are crying out for justice and police reform, Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and the city commissioners voted unanimously to take a step backwards to appeal a condition set by Federal Judge Michael Simon to have annual periodic hearings on the progress or non-progress of the Portland Police Reform Settlement Agreement.

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Sign Up for Community Service Projects

Volunteers honor King’s call to action

Hands On Greater Portland, the volunteer arm of United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, is coordinating 60 volunteer service projects as part of its Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend of Service, to be held Jan. 15 through the MLK holiday on Jan. 19.

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Walking in the Path of Dr. Martin Luther King

Faith leader advocate for racial and gender equality

Lopez acknowledges how her work for advancing causes of justice was enlightened by the words and actions of one of America’s greatest civil rights hero, Dr. Martin Luther King.

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New Leaders Emerge in Struggle for Police Reforms

Hip hop artist lends voice to cause

Firmly entrenched as a community leader, Waco isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will be a staple of future marches, meetings and entertainment in the city of Portland for the foreseeable future.

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Heating up winter with Portland style BBQ

For Wayne Cannon, Grilling is his Passion

“This isn’t Southern style,” says Cannon, “and it isn’t Midwestern. This is Portland style, unique to us in this city.”

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