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Fearless in Motion

White Bird opens 19th season

The diverse team of performers creates awe-inspiring works that reveal how we are affected emotionally, physically and socially by the spaces we inhabit.

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Black Youth and Elusive Freedom

Remembering my brother’s struggle

At the age of 11, I cried for my brother for the first time.

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Computer Science Introduction

According to the White House, an estimated 51 percent of all science, technology, engineering, and math jobs are projected to be in a computer science related field by 2018.

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Review: ‘Birth of a Nation’ bluntly tells tale of Nat Turner

Film opens Thursday in local theaters

"The Birth of a Nation " has had more expectations placed on it than any movie could reasonably bear.

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Foods Global, Made Local

Piedmont Station brings foods from around the world

A food cart pod in northeast Portland has become the go-to place for delicious foods from around the world all in one place.

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Serving Up Chinese Vegan Dishes

Yuan Su solves the lack of great Chinese food options for the vegan population.

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Salon Defined by Expertise

Turning Heads Hair Styling Studio has been serving customers for the last 10 years.

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Store Owner is Sweet on Fashions

From dress hats to Montique shirts to Belvedere shoes, most of the necessary pieces to build a dapper suit can be found at A Touch of Urban Apparel.

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Boutique Owner has Love for Fashion

Northeast Portland’s Thirty27 Boutique translates one woman’s love of family and fashion into a trendy and affordable clothing locale for the working girl.

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Couple Hooked on Vintage

Shop specializes in affordable treasures

Those that love sifting through treasures from the sartorial past should check out Sugar Mountain Vintage.

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Preparing the Next Generation of Athletes

Certified trainer opens sports facility

ProForce Athletics specializes in providing specific and professionalized sports training, with an emphasis on speed strength and sprint mechanics.

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Success Follows Photographer for Hire

Naim Hasan's photography background stems back 15 years with experience in shooting portraits, corporate events, product photos and more.

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Chef Grows Recipe into Best Eats Venue

Dubs St. Johns serves customers and community

Dub's St. Johns serves everything from brisket, to catfish, to cheesecake, while also being able to accommodate vegetarian diets and vegan ones upon advanced notice.

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Entrepreneur Inspired by Sneaker Culture

Establishes Deadstock Coffee after work at Nike

Young and creative entrepreneur Ian Williams followed his impresario path from start to finish.

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Bison Coffeehouse Stands Out

Business venture starts with a dream

Bison Coffeehouse stands out among the other caffeinated establishments in town.

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Mural Artist Rises to Top of Profession

Race and culture rooted in Arvie Smith’s works

Smith has had his work shown in many of the world’s top cities for art, among them New York, New Orleans and Florence, Italy.

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Preparing for High Demand Careers

The goal is to increase the number of youth completing Career Pathway credentials by 20 percent.

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Visionary Idea Now Business Reality

Entrepreneur brings life to Ankeny Square

Jamal Gardner's Grubbin’ is now active at Ankeny Square in the North Park Blocks.

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August Wilson’s solo show on race, power and more

'How I Learned What I Learned'

August Wilson’s provocative autobiographical solo show about race, culture, oppression, hierarchy and power.

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Focused on Equity

Diversity paramount for new PDC leader

New Portland Development Commission director wants to ensure that the people who benefit from new business growth and jobs include people of color and other disadvantaged groups.

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