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In Loving Memory

A home going celebration service for Sharon ‘Elaine’ Adams will be held Saturday, Dec. 27 at 11 a.m. at Emmanuel Temple Church, 1033 N. Sumner St.

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Lost to Gun Violence

Community gathers to remember victims

The Office of Youth Violence Prevention hosted Friday’s gathering for the benefit of everyone who has lost a loved one due to gang or gun violence.

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Cold Case Murder Arrests

Three men in prison on other charges were indicted for murder last week following a 1995 cold case murder investigation by Portland Police.

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Empower the Dream

King daughter to keynote scholarship benefit

Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church will be raising scholarship funds at two upcoming benefits, including a major community event in February that will include Dr. Bernice A. King, the daughter of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Clearing the Air

Report comes up short on hip hop targeting

An investigation into the enforcement of venue regulations at hip-hop concerts in Portland found no official wrongdoing by police and fire department investigators but lots of room for better communications on the part of the government officials.

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Change Agent

Natural hair advocate embodies ‘Spirit of Portland’

Starks’ wave of new clients come on the heels of her latest success – a Spirit of Portland award she received last month for her passion and hard work to re-write a state law regulating practitioners of traditional natural hair care, the braiding, weaving and locking of hair without the use of chemicals.

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Leaving a Legacy

Business owner Geneva Knauls dies at 78

The co-owner of Geneva’s Shear Perfection Barber and Beauty Salon, a landmark black business at the site, died Saturday at the age of 78 after a long illness.

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All those times Buick LaCrosse made a cameo in film and you kind of gasped

Sponsored by Buick

The internet is amazing – granted – but when we set out to research the Buick LaCrosse in film or TV, we didn’t anticipate finding a populated find-your-car-in-media database. Or did we?

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Women in STEM: 10 quotes by GM’s Alicia Boler-Davis

See how she got to the top and why she’s staying there

We curated Boler-Davis interviews and speeches on YouTube, and here are 10 direct quotes from the mind making the connection between GM and you. Number one is ridiculously inspiring. Let’s start with the basics. Boler-Davis recently – and by recently we mean earlier this month – told Fortune Magazine how she discovered her potential in engineering; she wasn’t born a VP, you know.

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The perks of owning an American classic car

Sponsored by Buick

Nothing can compare to the nostalgia you feel when you’re sitting at a stoplight and you see a well preserved El Dorado drive pass you. Everybody is looking.

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10 auto-loving quotes from a man who devoted his life to car design

Sponsored by Buick

Edward T. Welburn – most of us in the automotive industry may have heard the name – but let me introduce you to the legend. Welburn has been a General Motors employee for 35 years. He’s the current and first GM Vice President of Global Design. Yes, they actually created a VP position and title for him.

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Remember the time Buick retweeted your here’s-my-new-car photo? We do.

Sponsored by Buick

There’s nothing like when somebody you admire retweets your tweet, right? You take a screenshot and tweet that because you want everybody to know important people see, read and retweet your Tweets.

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Vote for Armed Police

PSU approves plan pending guidelines

Despite strong objections from civil rights advocates and many students and faculty, Portland State University moved forward Thursday with a plan to create an armed campus police force.

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Racial Profiling: Fruit from a Poison Tree

Community fabric won’t repair itself

As events have unfolded over the past weeks, I’ve struggled to put together the right words, because on some level my emotions are indescribable. I want to yell, loud, over and over. Then I am just sad. And then I realize that I want fervently not to inflame or incite. Then it starts all over again. I know too well that it’s safer to be quiet while such emotions rage. But being quiet would be wrong.

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Officer Named Assistant Chief

Come January, Portland will have a new police chief, and soon alongside him, a new assistant chief.

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Hip Hop Renaissance

St. Johns rapper refines his craft

St. Johns is a unique slice of north Portland with its own history and a distinct feel that you can’t get in other parts of town. When you step off a bus caught downtown an hour earlier to find yourself in St. Johns you really feel like you are not even in Portland anymore. That unique look and feel probably has a lot to do with the fact that up until 1915 St. Johns was its own city.

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Prayer Vigil Saturday

Activists to march for police reforms

The Albina Ministerial Alliance for Justice and Police Reform will lead a prayer vigil and protest march through north and northeast Portland Saturday in memory of victims of police shootings, both in Portland and across the country.

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Helping Students Feel Safe

Recovery begins after traumatic shooting

Dozens of tiny white snowflake earrings hung to the ears and jackets of students at Rosemary Anderson High School Monday, a symbol of solidarity in the wake of a shooting on Friday just outside the school that wounded four teenagers. The alternative school, part of the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center in north Portland, handed out the snowflakes to community members, faculty, staff, and students alike as police, community leaders and others reached out to make the students feel safe.

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Shooting Near Rosemary Anderson High School

Three people injured; schools on lockdown

A shooting near Rosemary Anderson High School

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Ferguson Anger comes Entirely from Valid Place

Most whites don’t know what black folks face

Shortly before Michael Brown’s fateful encounter with Ferguson cop Darren Wilson, I was appointed as a teaching assistant in a class on race and ethnicity. I’m white. I didn’t go to grad school to study race — I studied agriculture.

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