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Theatre, Dance, Music and More

Diverse lineup at festival of new works

The Portland-grown Fertile Ground Festival of New Works kicks off with dozens upon dozens of new artist works from Portland’s teeming jungle of artists to perform on stages, nooks and crannies all over Portland for 11 days from Thursday, Jan. 21 to Sunday, Jan. 31.

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Shelter Answers Call

Property owners give up space for homeless

For many, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was a reminder of the late civil rights leader’s dream for freedom and equality. Across the city, service projects and community gatherings took place to honor King’s work and set an example for giving back and racial progress, but one of the most notable moments came with Monday’s opening of an emergency men’s shelter in downtown Portland.

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Advocates Demand Housing Justice

The Portland Tenants Union invites the community to join them at Portland City Hall Friday as they make demands for housing justice.

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Answering Call to Save Black Lodge

Supporters organize Thursday fundraiser

The Sons of Haiti Masonic Lodge on the corner of North Mississippi and Fremont Street, one of the last black-owned corners of the area, is getting some help from the neighborhood to remain in place and meet city regulations that demand the property stay compliant for land use regulations or face steep fines.

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Storytelling Banquet Fights Hunger

Martin Luther King Jr. Day will draw people to the Linnton Community Center in northwest Portland for a benefit banquet to raise funds to fight hunger.

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Builders Program Fights Displacement

Repairs help 12 longtime residents stay put

A Portland Housing Bureau grant to a community development nonprofit is providing some critical home repairs to mitigate displacement of longtime homeowners in north and northeast Portland.

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A Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Dr. King

Program set for 31st annual celebration

Portland’s World Arts Foundation is proud to present its 31st consecutive Tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this year at the Highland Center.

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Ophelia in Oblivion

Poet writes play on family trauma, secrets and regrets

One of Portland’s celebrated black writers and artists is getting ready to debut a dramatic new full-length play as a staged reading that explores death, karma, guilt and family dysfunction.

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Harrowing film ‘The Revenant’ broadens truths

Director portrays First Nations people with dignity

The critical reaction to the work of Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu chronically illustrates how dominant culture bias affects what stories are told and valued on film.

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Terry Porter Beer Crafted

Former NBA and Portland Trail Blazer point guard Terry Porter has teamed up with Gilgamesh Brewing of Salem to create a new, limited-edition craft beer.

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Opportunity Knocks

Year begins with help to minority-run startups

It’s a busy week at the Portland Development Commission’s Old Town offices, but one filled with hope and new opportunity for six lucky startup minority-run businesses.

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From Hunger Strikes to Board Rooms

Young activist finds purpose in path for social justice

Activist Cameron Whitten wipes his bike down from the rain as he sits down in his small Union Station office stacked door-to-door with dozens of other work spaces overlooking Old Town and the Pearl.

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Uplifting and Empowering Young Voices

Portland debuts Youth Poet Laureates

Portland’s first ever youth poet laureates are benefiting from the work of local professional artists and writers who have made it their mission to uplift young and traditionally marginalized voices.

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From MLK to Today

New voices and leaders emerge

This year’s Martin Luther King Jr. special edition represents more than the Portland Observer’s hard work or the history of the late civil rights leader – it showcases a year when the dignity of black lives has been made even more evident by new voices in the struggle against discrimination and other injustices.

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In Loving Memory

Keith James

A memorial service was held Sunday in Portland for Keith James, a long time resident who died recently in California.

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Broken Promises

World premiere hits cultural theater

Teatro Milagro launches its 2016 national tour in Portland with the world premiere of "Broken Promises" by Olga Sanchez, based on local stories of sex teenage sex trafficking.

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In Loving Memory

Arnold Anthony Pitre

Arnold Anthony Pitre was born on Nov. 20, 1945 in Vanport to William Joseph Pitre and Wilma Lee Pitre.

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Making Black Lives Matter

Activist shares how she got involved

One community member shares her rise to activism in Portland's Black Lives Matter Chapter and other community organizations that advocate for civil rights.

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Ancestry in Motion

Connecting the past to the present

Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater is excited to present their second full evening event, “Ancestry in Motion,” bringing a captivating weekend of African dance to Portland audiences.

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Musical ‘Book of Mormon’ Returns

Back by popular demand, “The Book of Mormon,” which played record breaking engagements in 2013 and 2014 returns to Portland for two weeks from Saturday, Jan. 12 to Jan. 24 at Keller Auditorium.

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