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Scrapbook Selections

Sharing Portland’s history in family exhibit

Clifford Walker is enjoying his retirement by remaining engaged in his community and making a difference in the direction of the city.

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Long Time Resident Remembered

Helen Patricia Taylor

Helen Patricia Taylor of Portland, who resided on Mallory Avenue with her family for over 40 years, passed away on Nov. 15, 2016.

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In Loving Memory

Sylvia Willamina Russell

Sylvia Willamina Russell of Portland died Nov. 7, 2016.

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In Loving Memory

Mary Alice Britt

Mary Alice Britt was born April 20, 1940 and passed away on Oct. 17, 2016.

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Call to End Death Penalty Cases

Justice group makes plea to governor

A Portland-based justice and civil rights group has called on Gov. Kate Brown to commute the sentences of the 35 people on Oregon’s death row to life without the possibility of parole after a study showing the extreme high price of prosecuting death penalty cases .

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Construction begins on PDC-backed project

Alberta Commons to bring economic benefits

Construction has begun on Alberta Commons, a Portland Development Commission backed project to bring economic benefits to the heart of the historic black community at Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Alberta Street.

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Jumping into the Fire

Sharing the story of black paratroopers in Oregon

Unique story of patriotism, race and service will be shared during a free and open “history pub” series event at McMenamins Kenendy School in northeast Portland

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Our Broken and Wasteful Death Penalty System

It's time for Gov. Brown to act

Oregon taxpayers are spending millions of dollars on a punishment that all those involved know is highly unlikely ever to be carried out.

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Supporting School Sanctuaries

Helping kids regardless of immigration status

Portland School Board Member Julie Esparza Brown has rallied and won support for a new school district policy to affirm the protection of civil liberties and the rights of undocumented students.

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Oldest Portland Veteran Remembered

Ural Ollison

Ural Ollison, the oldest black veteran in Portland, passed away on Nov. 20, 2016

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Called Home to be with the Lord

Lawrence Nelson Garnett

Lawrence Nelson Garnett, born June 21, 1949, was called home to be with the Lord on Nov. 15, 2016.

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In Loving Memory

James W. Britt Jr.

James W. Britt Jr. was born May 26, 1937 and passed away on Nov.21, 2015.

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Signup for a Shot at Broadway

August Wilson Monologue Competition Opens

The August Wilson Red Door Project is bringing back its flagship student program, the August Wilson Monologue Competition

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The Wake of Vanport

Local production to get big screen showing

For the first time, ‘The Wake of Vanport’ documentary made by local students with stories told by Vanport flood survivors will be seen on the big screen at the Hollywood Theatre, on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 4:30 p.m.

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Rare Film to Embrace Black Experience

A review of the movie 'Moonlight'

"Moonlight" is the kind of art that makes you ache what you have been missing.

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Rattled by Trump

Turmoil erupts on Portland’s streets after election

Thousands of people stunned by Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election set off on a week of daily protests.

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Activists Disavow Riot and Apologize

Start fundraiser to repair damages caused by others

A statement from Gregory McKelvey, leader for the newly formed group “Portland’s Resistance,

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Trump Protest Turns Violent

Peaceful demonstration gets out of hand with anarchists

A protest against Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election turned into a riot in downtown Portland late Thursday

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Election Drew Poisons of Hate and Intolerence

America faces a time for racial healing

We have the power to define patriotism in the 21 Century and there's no room in that definition for bigotry.

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Allow for a Peaceful Transition of Power

Country shines brighter than the ugliness of the election

The 2016 campaign regularized racismm xenophobia and mainstreamed misogyny.

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