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Making Amends

Gay organization welcomed back

Will the Ambridge Event Center be able to make things right again with the LGBT community?

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Memorial for Jerome Kersey

Public ceremony planned for beloved Blazer

A beloved figure and one of the most prolific Portland Trail Blazers, Jerome Kersey, died Feb. 18 at age 52.

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Brown Takes Oath of Governor

Makes pledge to restore public trust

Kate Brown was sworn in Wednesday as Oregon's governor following an influence-peddling scandal that prompted the resignation of fellow Democrat John Kitzhaber.

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A Community on the Move

Exhibit produced by Oregon Black Pioneers

The Oregon Historical Society has opened the third exhibition in a series produced by the Oregon Black Pioneers.

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Terrorism Task Force Draws Fire

Leader cautions about FBI abuses

Avel Gordly has joined a chorus of voices urging the Portland City Council to not re-join a Joint Terrorism Task Force on a full time basis.

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Counterpoint to the Oscars

My top 10 films of 2014

Judge Darleen Ortega eschews the whitest Oscar's in recent history and chooses her own top 10 of year.

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Governor Kitzhaber Resigns

Says no laws broken, but scandal turned to liability

Long-time Democratic Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber on Friday announced his resignation amid allegations his fiancee used her relationship with him to enrich herself.

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Adding Up the Losses

Allen Temple committed to rebuilding after devastating fire

One local black church faces hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fire damage. Will they be able to fix it?

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In Loving Memory

Jacob "Lee" Jackson

Jacob "Lee" Jackson

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In Loving Memory

Louis Garner

Louis Garner was born Nov. 20, 1941 and died Feb. 1, 2015.

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In Memory of a Loving Mother

Elouise James Streeter Russell

Elouise James Streeter Russell was born April 9, 1926 and died Feb. 4, 2015.

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Born Perfect!

Basic Rights Oregon campaign kicks off

Basic Rights Oregon is inviting the community to join them in a new campaign, #BornPerfect, and at an upcoming open house, to learn more about what is happening with justice work on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

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Cozing Up to the Anti-Immigrant Forces

Friends and allies of the GOP

When I was growing up, my older Mexican-American relatives had an expression: “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

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Selma puts Lens to our Past, Present and Future

Depicting a shared legacy

The movie Selma is a story about the power of people.

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World in Focus

My best to worst favorites at PIFF

Judge Darleen Ortega goes through what's hot and what's not at the 38th Portland International Film Festival.

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King Visits Portland

Meeting of the Reverends a Black History moment

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter, Rev. Bernice A. King, comes to Portland this Sunday.

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Leaving Black Youth Out

Local leaders criticize Governor’s budget

A group of leaders from Portland’s black community say they are deeply frustrated and disappointed in the lack of specific support for African American youth in the governor’s new budget for state government services.

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Big Media’s Enhanced Misinformation Techniques

Torture supporters dominate TV news shows

When the Senate released its shocking report on CIA torture late last year, it renewed a debate from the Bush years about the merits of so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

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Reversing the History of Illness

Sobering picture for residents of color

People of color in Multnomah County face “extremely sobering’’ disparities that lead to more illness, fewer opportunities and shorter lives.

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It’s Time for Hollywood to Act Like Diversity Matters

Losing a seat at the Oscar table

For the first time since 1998, the stage has been set for our nation to celebrate its least diverse Oscars.

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