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Tilikum Opens for Bridge Pedal

Portlanders will have the opportunity to be among the first to cross Portland’s newest bridge, Tilikum Crossing, as it becomes part of Providence’s 20th annual Bridge Pedal, taking place Sunday.

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Protest Puts Portland on World Map

Environmental activists from Greenpeace unfurl colored banners while hanging from the St. Johns Bridge and kayakers join them below in an effort to stop an icebreaker ship in Portland for repairs from departing to the arctic to help Royal Dutch Shell drill for oil.

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Peace Memorial in Portland

Concordia hosts exhibit to educate and promote peace

In recognition of the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, a unique travelling exhibit comes to Portland.

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Trombone and Shells Virtuoso

Steve Turre, a preeminent jazz innovator, trombonist and pioneering seashell virtuoso, and member of the “Saturday Night Live” cast since 1985, performs at 8 p.m. on Monday Aug. 10.

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Symphony Hosts Free Concert

The Vancouver Symphony kicks off its new season by returning to the famed band shell at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver for a family-friendly free outdoor concert on Thursday, Aug. 6.

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We are People of Distinction - Not Extinction

We are the American society

Personal honor was a fundamental value in my upbringing. However, honor was not about arrogance or conceit; it was about humility, honesty, and respect for oneself and others. We were to avoid boasting, yet there was no question that we were to be proud of our family heritage and ancestry.

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Soul Singer on Come Back Tour

Grammy Award-winning soul singer and songwriter D’Angelo is coming to Portland on his “The Second Coming Tour.”

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Bringing Back the Drive-in

Expo Center hosts August movie series

The Portland Expo Center is pairing two of America’s great passions this summer – the automobile and the silver screen.

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Stage Set for Alberta Street Fair

The 18th annual Alberta Street Fair brings its eclectic mix of vendors, activities, food, music, and events to the popular northeast Portland thoroughfare this Saturday.

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Free Tickets to Secret Show

Janelle Monáe is coming to Portland and free tickets to her super secret show could be yours if you enter this raffle.

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Non-violent Drug Offenders Belong at Home

Second chances are as American as baseball

3,278 Americans are serving life sentences without parole for nonviolent crimes that can be remarkably petty — including stealing a jacket or serving as the middleman in a $10 marijuana transaction. Don’t they deserve a second chance?

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Summer Party at Augustana

Augustana Lutheran Church, located on the corner of Northeast 15th and Knott Street, is hosting its annual Summer in the City neighborhood party on Sunday.

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Marijuana Sales to Begin Early

Oregon will allow marijuana sales to adults beginning Oct. 1, nearly a year sooner than originally planned.

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Mayor Meets Pope

Mayor Hales joined 60 mayors from around the world in Italy last week, attending Pope Francis' international summit on Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of Cities.

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Voices from Vanport

Play recounts family histories, experiences

A new stage production commemorating the history of Vanport, a city located next door to Portland that was heavily populated by African-Americans before floodwaters wiped it off the map, comes to the Jefferson High School Auditorium this week.

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MLK Dream Run is Back

Race and weekend of events celebrate Soul of Portland

Northeast Portland celebrates the fourth annual MLK Dream Run this weekend.

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Low Income Rental Sticker Shock

Non-profit says notices were sent out by mistake

A local nonprofit is trying to make amends after an error caused nearly two-dozen residents to receive shocking rent-increase notices.

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Bringing Men Together to Stop Gangs

The Portland Office of Youth and Violence Prevention is bringing men together for a new program aimed at stopping gang violence, Enough is Enough, a community-led campaign aimed at encouraging people to take a stand.

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Renewal and Repurpose

Strip club and plaza giving way for community use

What was once a rundown corner of northeast Portland’s Cully Neighborhood is finally seeing a new chapter.

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Obama Gets Real About Criminal Justice Reform

A historic moment and turning point

Fifteen years ago, when I first started working on drug policy and criminal justice reform issues, I never would have imagined these words coming out of the mouth of a sitting U.S. president. But then again, I would never have imagined Barack Obama.

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