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Business Focus: Hip and Street

Duo brings menswear and art to Old Town

This summer marked the grand opening of Portland’s latest black-owned business, Kyoto. A menswear shop on the border of Old Town and the Pearl, Kyoto drew in a crowd of young and old, the hip hop fashioned, and music lovers from around the metro area for their opening.

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Reaching and Empowering Entrepreneurs

Startup business culture fostered

MESO pilots a project empowering aspiring Portland-based Black and Latino entrepreneurs through community-building, developings skills, and providing a roadmap to small business viability in the Rose City.

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Mural Ready for Debut

The Kirk Reeves Mural is complete, the scaffolding has finally come down, and a celebration is planned.

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Celebrating the Soul of Portland

MLK Dream Run makes economic and equitable impact

Over 1,500 participants came out to celebrate in the Soul of Portland at the third annual Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Run and festivities.

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How Can I Forget Those Frightened Faces

Families torn apart by a broken immigration system

Rev. M. Linda Jaramillo speaks on immigration, " As a religious leader, I am deeply saddened by the family separations that deportations create across our country. I respect the law of the land; however, I respond to a higher moral law."

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Our Education System’s Racially-Charged Crisis

When children are afraid of learning

"Covertly racist corporate media and hegemonic Caucasian opinion make dangerous implications that suggest minorities are both incapable and unwilling to learn and our education system reflects these untruths." says Jeanine Russaw

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Groovin’ on the Grass

Mini blues festival at Beaverton complex

Blues Hall of Famer Robert Cray headlines Saturday concert.

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Global Impact

Portland photographer visits Nigeria to produce documentary

Photographer Alex Riedlinger looks to bring the vibrancy of he captured in a trip to southwest Nigeria, that in part saw people trying to hold on to ancient ways of worship and living in the midst of an increasingly globalized world.

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Right Kind of Reverence

Biopic on James Brown gets it right

From the sheer energy in the musical performances, to capturing some of the harder parts of the cultural icon, the biopic on James Brown, 'Get On Up' "makes you feel it," says our 'Opinionated Judge' Darleen Ortega.

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Concordia Blues Honors Scroggins

The late Grammy-nominated and beloved Portland musician Janice Scroggins will be honored Saturday, Aug. 9 when Concordia University and the Original Halibut’s restaurant in northeast Portland present the inaugural Campus Blues Fest, a blues music festival dedicated to Scroggins’ legacy.

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Vegan Soul

Food activist author fronts Portland Roots Festival

African, African-American, Afro-Latin and Afro-Caribbean food venders, non-profits, and micro-entrepreneurs are all just part of the going-ons at PCRI's second annual Portland Roots Festival at Pioneer Courthouse Square, Aug. 10.

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In Loving Memory

Margaret Juanita (Payne) Isaacs

Margaret Juanita (Payne) Isaacs, 83, peacefully passed away on July 23, 2014 in Portland. She was born Oct. 12, 1930 in Malakoff, Texas to Martha and Isaac Payne III.

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Making the World Safe for Trust Fund Babies

Reinforce the inheritance tax, don’t scrap it

"As the American Dream slips away for millions of people in this country, one faction of Congress is doing its best to aid a select group of folks that least needs a helping hand: trust fund babies." --Chuck Collins

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Mississippi Freedom Summer Pilgrimage

An atrocity we must never forget

"In a flash it brought back the absolute reign of terror faced by black people in Mississippi in those days. We’re certain all of us gathered at the murder site—we went in small groups—couldn’t even begin to imagine the terror the three young men felt that night as Clemons, from his study of histories, articles, court records, and his own interviews with still-living Klan members, told us what happened. "

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Grow, Portland, Grow!

Impacts on race not studied in population forecast

Portland, you’re growing. Metro’s latest projections see the region swelling to about 3 million people in the next 20 years, an increase of around 400,000 people. For communities of color already impacted by gentrification, low employment and other factors, what does that mean for the future?

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Trans Student Denied Housing

Fight against discrimination at George Fox

Jayce Marcus, a Portland student at George Fox University, is battling school administration for the right to be housed with other males on campus.

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Real Life Drama

Capturing the soul of growing up

"Never has a film so poignantly captured the sweet ache of family life, of parenting, and of the passing of childhood." Our Opinionated Judge reviews the film Richard Linklater film, "Boyhood".

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Front and Center Showcase

Angelica Ross, a talented singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and activist will be the featured artist when Basic Rights Oregon presents Front and Center: Queer and Trans People of Color Showcase, on Thursday, July 31 at 7 p.m. at the Artist Repertory Theater, 1515 S.W. Morison.

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Giving Back to Our Venerable Institutions

No free riders, please

"The lives of our African American nonprofit entities are in jeopardy." Marcus C. Mundy former Urban Leadgue of Portland president says Blacks in Oregon must support Black led organizations the produce positive results for the community.

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Rewarding Bad Behavior in the Police Department

An insult to freedom and justice loving citizens

"Their decision shows insensitivity to those who have been victims of the Third Reich and their crimes against humanity as well as women who work in male-dominated professions. This is not the direction the citizens of Portland desire to be reflected in their Police Bureau and their city," says the AMA Coalition.

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