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His Mantra was Hope and Opportunity

Basketball court named to honor Harold Williams

The memory of a community leader is very alive today at Portland Community College.

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Arresting Power Documentary Hits Movie Screen

Portland filmmakers tackle police violence

For many folks, learning about the racist history of Oregon comes with a long talk and a city of Portland timeline that shows how black people have been discriminated against since the state’s earliest days and continue to face challenges due to race.

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Novel Available for “Everybody Reads”

Award-winning writer talk of town

The Multnomah County Library has just stocked thousands of copies of a debut novel by native Portland author Mitchell S. Jackson as the 13th selection for the library’s annual “Everybody Reads,” series.

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Behind the Scenes of Don’t Shoot PDX

Activists fight for change

Don’t Shoot PDX is a movement that brings people of all colors, and from different community organizations, together to fight for change in the city of Portland.

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Repairs Save Home

Contractors inspired by MLK Day of Service

A long time resident and senior member of Portland’s black community just got some much needed home repairs from volunteers who gave back in recognition of the day of community service that’s become a tradition of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

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The Black Portlanders

Photographer advances project to even higher level

One of Portland’s youngest and most talented artists sits in a corner of the Glyph Café and Artspace in the Pearl. She carries her camera in her bag and waits for an opportunity – the opportunity to catch the life of a small segment of the Portland population: black folks just like her.

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Riveting and Inspiring

‘Selma’ wisely depicts struggle for civil rights

What a treat, then, to watch “Selma”—and by a treat, I mean that I was riveted and inspired, and that I wept through most of it. For once, I found an insightful depiction of what working for social justice looks like. And what it looks like is broken bodies, fear, treachery, risk, mistakes, choices between terrible options, and unthinkable sacrifice. And it involves many heroes, not just one.

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Rap Duo Dishes It Out

Year begins with debut music video

Portland’s Neka & Kahlo, a bi-racial, female singer-rapper duo who makes spaced out, trap infused Hip-Hop and R&B music have a new music video.

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Torture Doesn’t Save Lives, It Costs Them

Knowledge that damages the soul

Thanks to the Senate’s report on CIA torture, Americans should now realize that there was nothing “enhanced” about the Bush administration’s so-called “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

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Crack Cocaine’s Racist and Vile History

For me, this gets personal

There have been incidents along our nation’s path that are outright disgusting and with racial animus. The internment of American citizens of Japanese descent during World War II along with the seizure of their land and businesses is a good example. The “Trail of Tears” which was a forced march by foot of the Cherokee Indian nation from North Carolina to Oklahoma was a downright atrocity. Another sickly example was sending blankets to select Indian tribes that were laced with small pox. These and other examples are not consistent with our Constitution.

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Fighter Enters Year Undefeated

Fighting out of northeast Portland’s Curt’s Ultimate Fitness & Fighting Arts gym, Isaac Shelton enters 2014 undefeated awaiting a March 14 match against a yet to be named opponent at Prime Fighting V in Ridgefield, Wash.

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Ducks Mania!

Nike unveiled the uniforms that Oregon and Ohio State will wear for the College Football Playoff National Championship

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Housing Lifeline

Non-profit takes aim at displacement

Nearly a dozen new rental homes are part of a larger strategy by Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives to ensure and expand the availability of affordable rental housing in historical neighborhoods where community resources are robust, schools are easily accessible, and transit services are frequent and readily available.

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History Making in Office

Young leader begins term in Troutdale

Larry Morgan made Oregon history Monday night when he was sworn in as the youngest ever and first black member of the Troutdale City Council. The Mount Hood Community College graduate and real estate agent was excited to start his new position as a community leader.

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In Loving Memory

Matthew Calvin Ellett

Memorial services for Matthew Calvin Ellett were held Jan.3, 2015 at Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ.

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When People Ask: ‘Why Do We March’

Our protest and a plan of action

Few times in a nation’s history is the conscience of its citizens shocked and awakened – across racial, economic, generational and even ideological – lines. Times when the collective consciousness of a people screams – and demands without apology – that it’s time for a change, that things must be different and that it must start today.

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Long Past Time to Repeal Second Amendment

Ending this instrument of death

What country fetishizes, lionizes, valorizes, idolizes, and sacralizes guns as much as does our United States? OK, possibly Mozambique--the only country with an AK47 on its flag, but really, it's long past time to end this obsessive "My Precious" attachment of Americans to instruments of death.

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The Spinners Rock Portland

Roy Jay’s holiday event best ever

Portland entrepreneur Roy Jay’s “Spam and Velveeta” holiday event at the Oregon Convention Center was one of the best holiday events of the season.

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No Backing Down

Controversial Movie Gets an Audience

The movie North Korea didn’t want you to see opened Thursday in Portland theaters.

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A Drive to Succeed

Naval officer is ‘living proof’ of challenges met

Alexis Clark is changing the way Portlander’s sign up for the Navy. Her willingness to share personal challenges and professional accomplishments with future sailors and officer applicants helps increase the knowledge of the contributions of women in the armed forces.

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