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Grant Girls Soar Undefeated

The Grant High School Girls Basketball team is headed to the state playoffs after beating Franklin.

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Intolerance of Past and Today

A wonderful exhibit on Anne Frank and the holocaust comes to the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.

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Preserving Our Cultural and Natural Heritage

We can take nothing for granted

The historic Golden West Hotel stands as a marker to the development of the African American middle class in Oregon – and the nation.

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Films of Pedro Infante

Showcasing Golden Age of Mexican cinema

Pedro Infante, one of Mexico’s most enduring film icons, will be showcased at the Hollywood Theatre this spring.

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‘Put Your Guns Down’

Urgent plea for peaceful path forward

Gang-related shootings are on the rise and the mourning families of shooting victims are urgently asking for an end to the violence and a peaceful path forward.

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Culture and Learning

African dance troupe integrates arts with education

An African dance troupe has a new program that integrates math and science education with traditional art and music, bringing STEM to children who naturally prefer to dance or sing.

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Black Lives Matter

Lesson in justice turns to a call for action

The Mock Trial team at Ockley Green Middle School decides to put on an assembly to share their hopes and fears around racial-profiling with the community.

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Giuliani's Words Do More than Hurt - They Divide

A horrible thing to say on many levels

Questioning the president's patriotism isn't just inappropriate; it demonstrates a complete lack of respect. It begs the question that as Giuliani continues to seek a prominent role on the national political stage, will he choose to rehearse only in the Theater of the Absurd?

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No Safe Way to Haul Oil by the Trainload

Pull the brakes on reckless, lethal transport

Some 1.4 million gallons of oil spilled in U.S. rail accidents in 2013 — more in one year than over the previous four decades combined.

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Possible Freedom for Marijuana Offenders

Frederick proposes law to align with new legalization

Recreational marijuana is on the verge of legalization in Oregon, but what will become of the scores of men and women with previous convictions? What will happen to their records or their remaining sentences?

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Window into Oppression

Human spirit refuses to be crushed in ‘Timbuktu’

Gorgeous, poetic, pointed, and profound, this story of a small African community's experience of jihad manages to tell a political story without polemics, to portray with depth and insight how its victims actually experience religious extremism, and, at the same time, to unforgettably illustrate how the human spirit resists attempts to crush it.

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Jobs and Hope

Happy Cup Coffee a conduit for happy lives

A small corner of northeast Portland is expanding to create more jobs and hope for adults with developmental disabilities.

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Running for President and Against the Mainstream

Women at the fringes no longer

Most people don’t know about the first woman to run for our highest office. Victoria Woodhull gave it a shot, way back in 1872 — nearly 50 years before women even got the vote.

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A Cruel and Unjust Juvenile Justice System

Why are so many girls in detention?

Why are so many girls, especially girls of color, confined in our nation’s detention facilities, and what are we as a society going to do about it?

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Competition Heats Up!

Helping students of color in the dramatic arts

Who will win Portland's August Wilson monologue competition and move on to Broadway finals in New York?

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Praying for a Miracle

Dynamic church leader faces terminal diagnosis

Despite the removal of a kidney and five weeks of recovery, doctors have told Pastor Hardy he’s nearing the end of his life. How will this community handle such a loss?

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Making Amends

Gay organization welcomed back

Will the Ambridge Event Center be able to make things right again with the LGBT community?

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Memorial for Jerome Kersey

Public ceremony planned for beloved Blazer

A beloved figure and one of the most prolific Portland Trail Blazers, Jerome Kersey, died Feb. 18 at age 52.

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Brown Takes Oath of Governor

Makes pledge to restore public trust

Kate Brown was sworn in Wednesday as Oregon's governor following an influence-peddling scandal that prompted the resignation of fellow Democrat John Kitzhaber.

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A Community on the Move

Exhibit produced by Oregon Black Pioneers

The Oregon Historical Society has opened the third exhibition in a series produced by the Oregon Black Pioneers.

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