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The Pen is Funnier than the Sword

His political cartoons tackle issues like Islamophobia, immigration and racial justice in America with insight and humor and have been carried by newspapers around the world, including regularly in the Portland Observer.

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Unlimited Hope for a Boundless Future

Advancing equity in education

A high-quality education is a civil and human right.

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Soldier’s Mom says Trump Showed Disrespect

Widow described as being in tears during call

Criticism comes day after Trump picked a political fight over who’s done better to honor the war dead and their families

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Healing and Making Good

Past and future intertwined in Hill Block development

Plans call for developing a vacant lot next to Legacy Emanuel Hospital for community use while acknowledging the black community that was displaced decades ago

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Access Gifted School Protests Closure

Academy faces breakup after KairosPDX saved

Students, teachers, and parents of Access Academy fight to keep their school intact

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Esteemed Couple Win Payouts

Unfair job termination and profiling cases settled

Esteemed couple from the African American community settle separate lawsuits against the State of Oregon

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Empowerd Sisterhood

Date set for gathering and day of togetherness

A highly anticipated Black Women's Gathering focusing on empowering and celebrating women in the community will be a renewal of an empowerment group for local women and is expected to draw hundreds of participants on Saturday, Oct. 28.

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A New Low Even for Donald Trump

Determined to sabotage health care

President Trump’s executive orders to kill the Affordable Care Act are a new low, even for a White House that has defended white supremacists, condoned sexual harassment, and lied to the public.

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Fitness with JJ

Bouncing back from adversity

Environmental conditions, like the Columbia River Gorge fire, can affect your breathing and challenge an active lifestyle. The following three easy steps can help get you back on your fitness journey.

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‘Confirmed’ makes a statement

Lillard’s Second Rap Album

Portland Trail Blazer point guard Damian Lillard is showing that his second career as a rap star is no fluke.

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Music Night Salute to a Legend

Jazz composer and multi-instrumentalist David Ornette Cherry will front a special one-night only event that integrates music with storytelling about Portland's late, great, Native American musician Jim Pepper.

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Trauma and Justice

Offender rehabilitation takes mental health into account

New type of parole and probationary care is being exercised in Multnomah County

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An Unusual Ally

Police leader defends NFL protests

Controversy over the silent protests by NFL players during the playing of the Nation Anthem at NFL games has the leader of Portland’s police union siding with the players

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Justice Reform Effort Grows

Grant allows county to target jail misuse and overuse

Multnomah County has added momentum to efforts to reform the local criminal justice system and reduce the county jail population

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Wyden and Merkley hear DACA plea

Dreamers in limbo; Trump backtracks on deal

Oregon’s two U.S. senators visit Portland to defend immigrants whose legal status is in jeopardy

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Angered by Racist Graffiti

Advocate looks to solutions; security video shows suspects

Anyone with information is urged to call police

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Music Runs in His Family

Portland’s Tyrone Carter, aka Ty Corleone

Dedicated hip hop artist showcases poetic rhymes and storytelling

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In Loving Memory

Lila B. Frances Streeter

Lila B. Frances Streeter was born June 12, 1991 and died Oct. 2, 2017.

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Ethnic Roots Flavor Craft Brewing Scene

Family-owned Vinn Distillery makes popular Chinese spirit

Vinn Distillery is bringing baiju, a popular Chinese grain spirit made, to Portland’s vibrant craft distilling scene.

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Groovin High Steppers Soiree

Portland’s Groovin High Steppers, an African American swing dance group, will be hosting their 5th annual soiree on Oct. 14th, bringing guests from across the country for a weekend of Chicago-style steppin’ and line dancing.

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