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Hail Trinity and Concordia!

Church, school and college celebrate 125 years

The weekend of Sept. 11-13 will start of a year-long celebration for the 125th anniversary of Trinity Lutheran Church and School and mark the 110th year of Concordia University, a trio of northeast Portland institutions serving a diverse community.

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Paying the Pink Tax at $1,400 a Year

Unfair markups for gender

You probably think you know about all the taxes you pay. Income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes — it seems like the list is endless. But there’s one tax I’ve been paying for most of my life that you might not know about. If you’re a woman, chances are you’re paying it too.

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Back to School Shuttle

School construction takes students into temporary quarters

Portland students are back to school this week, but not all of them will be returning to the same campuses because of school construction projects.

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Cole Porter’s Anything Goes

An age-old boy-meets-girl story comes to Lake Oswego’s Lakewood Center for the Arts this fall.

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Queen of the Segregated Tennis World

American Masters recounts the life of Althea Gibson

Don’t miss the story of Althea Gibson, who emerged as the unlikely queen of the segregated tennis world of the 1950s.

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Mysterious Fatal Crash

Woman loses life outside her home

Authorities are still trying to find out how a Portland woman lost her life in a car accident outside her home.

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Music Legend Portland Bound

Legendary soul vocalist Patti LaBelle is making her way to Portland for an upcoming show and there’s time for you to get tickets.

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Second Tuesday Zoo Discounts Renewed

The Walmart Foundation has renewed its sponsorship of the Oregon Zoo’s Second Tuesdays program, which offers visitors a chance to see the zoo for the reduced price of $4 per person on the second Tuesday of each month.

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Drive-In at Zidell Yards

The Northwest Film Center and Zidell are welcoming the community to a unique, pop-up outdoor film series.

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Anita Baker Tribute Night

Fans of soul jazz singer Anita Baker rejoice – a Neo Soul Night concert featuring Baker’s greatest hits and performed by local performers is coming to Portland.

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Celebrate Black Restaurants

A group of Portlanders are encouraging the patronage of African-American-owned restaurants this weekend as part of National Black Business Month.

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Home Listed as Historic

Rutherford house was a hub during Civil Rights era

A northeast Portland home that served as a family residence and support center for civil rights causes for more than half a century has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The house is believed to be the first historic property in Oregon listed in the National Register primarily for its association with the Civil Rights era.

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On Alberta Street

‘The Tattoed’ at Guardino

Two local artists have created works from the same model in their new exhibit entitled ‘The Tattoed,” the September show at Guardino Gallery.

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Racism and Sexism in the Progressive Movement

Black Lives Trump Politeness

Sanders’ reputation as a progressive should in no way give him a pass on racial justice issues. He voted for Bill Clinton’s Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which props up the racist prison-industrial complex. He voted to extradite Assata Shakur, an African American freedom fighter who is living in exile in Cuba. And his refusal to denounce Israel’s war against Palestinians gives tacit consent to some of the most racist repression on the planet.

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Restoring the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Making All Votes Matter

The seemingly obvious idea that a democracy functions at its best when the largest number of its citizens are afforded the opportunity to determine who will lead it—and how it will be led—is under a modern-day legislative assault.

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Sanctuary Cities have Roots with Faith Communities

The increased attacks on immigrants

Decision makers don’t use racial slurs like the 1954 "Operation Wetback" anymore; instead they say "illegal criminal aliens." The social construction of "other" relies on a system that racially profiles, targets low-income populations, and then criminalizes people of color.

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Fund to Support Minority Entrepreneurs

Jurisdictions join forces to raise $3 million

Portland’s economic development agency has launched a startup fund specifically dedicated supporting and cultivating entrepreneurs from local African Americans and other underrepresented populations.

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Say Her Name

Vigil points to needless killings

With 18 and counting murdered trans women, most of them black, lost across the country so far this year, activists across the country and in Portland are calling a state of emergency and asking for support in stopping more needless killing.

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Helping the Homeless

Vancouver advocate petitions for women’s shelter

A local activist with a passion for helping those in need is working tirelessly to garner attention and resources for the homeless women of Vancouver. Find out how you can help now.

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Soul Singing Activism

Janelle Monáe gives voice to Don’t Shoot Portland

Janelle Monáe came to town and joined a local rally asking all of us to stand up to police brutality with her hit protest anthem, "Hell You Talmbout."

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