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Use of Force Settlement

Judge paves way for police reforms

Decision draws a positive response from the Albina Ministerial Alliance for Justice and Police Reform.

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Good with MLK and Alberta

'Natural Grocers’ to construct store on vacant site

The construction will be headed by Colas Construction, a local African-American firm.

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School gets a Jump Start

As kids return to the classroom, Rosa Parks already in full swing

The end of the Labor Day weekend meant that Tuesday was first day of school for most children in Portland but not at Rosa Parks Elementary.

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Ferguson is a Critical Reminder for All Cities

Trust is a perishable commodity

A law enforcement agency must mirror the community in which it serves.

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Portland Responds to Ferguson

Shockwave shared at ‘healing conference”

In response to the police shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Mo., Portland stage actress Chantal DeGroat hosted a Ferguson healing conference at the Shaking the Tree Theater in southeast Portland Sunday.

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Blue presents: The Tao of Pimpin’

Local author merges unlikely concepts for enlightenment

Uhuru Rahman to some virtually, better known to many in the analog world simply as ‘Blue’ recently published her semi-autobiographical book titled ‘The Tao of Pimpin.’’ Now, she is inviting those willing to discover just how two seemingly different concepts can lead to a journey of fulfillment.

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Poised for a Breakout Fight

Portland boxer hopes to punch ticket to the pros

Former Jefferson footballer looks to make it big in the boxing ring.

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Diversity in Golf for 70 Years

Portland Leisure Hour Golf Club, a non-profit organization that has brought diversity to the game of golf since the 1940s held their 70th anniversary this month. It was a special event not just for the celebration but for all that attended.

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Residents Safely Flee Hotel Fire

Fire crews responded to a fire at the Joyce Hotel in downtown Portland late Saturday morning. Residents were temporarily evacuated from the building and watched from the sidewalks as firefighters arrived.

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Support for Head Start

$18 million investment to increase services for children

Thanks to an $18 million investment, five existing Albina Head Start and Albina Early Head Start program properties in Portland will be able to refinance, offsetting some of the organization’s debt burden, and freeing up resources to expand other services in the process.

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Housing Options Open Up

Section 8 reform bill goes into effect

Hopes are high for a Section 8 reform bill that went into effect this summer that might help reverse the effects of gentrification and curb discrimination.

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In Loving Memory

Connie Moore-McCool

Services for Constance “Connie” Moore-McCool, who was born March 21, 1962 and passed away on Aug. 21, 2014, will be held Thursday, Aug. 28 at 1 p.m. at Highland Christian Center, 7600 N.E. Glisan.

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Ferguson Exposes Issues of Race and Class

Real tragedy is lack of empathy for humanity

Physician and the chief medical director for Volunteers of America Oregon, Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia examines the tension in trauma from a trauma-informed perspective.

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‘Calvary’ grasps for a World beyond Fairness

A priest’s faith is tested as life hangs in the balance

Our 'Opinionated Judge' Darleen Ortega on the film 'Calvary', "This film deals with the question of faith in a challenging way, which also involves dealing with the question of fairness."

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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

Portland voices solidarity with citizens of Ferguson

The police shooting death of a black teenager halfway across the country have Portland residents raising their hands and voices in solidarity demanding justice in the case.

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Look to Your Left!

Bike lane on Williams Avenue switching sides for safety

Crews are set to break ground in the coming days on a project that will move the bike lane on Williams from the right side of the street to the left and bring in a host of other new infrastructure in a city-led move planned to improve safety on the heavily used throughway.

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Mother Killed in Gun Violence

‘Enough is enough,’ community members say

A fatal shooting of a young mother at an apartment complex, combined with other shootings in southeast Portland and north Portland over the weekend, served as another grim highlight to this summer’s violence and was the backdrop to a meeting on Monday to address community concerns.

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‘Shine’ Brings Home a Trophy

Portland’s Inner City Shine, a semi-pro 8-man football team, won a national championship over the weekend in Las Vegas. The team was undefeated at 7-0 in league play.

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No Law-Abiding People Should Fear Police

My focus on the lives of young black men in Portland

Mayor Charlie Hales on police, "No law-abiding people should ever have reason to fear the police. Yet we must honestly admit that, too often, this is not true for a wide swath of our community: people of color."

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Struggling to Make Sense of Michael Brown’s Death

Structural racism perpetuates negative stereotypes

PeaceVoice journalist David Ragland weighs in on the Mike Brown controversy happening in Ferguson, MO

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