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Cultural Roots around the World

You’re invited to an evening of international food, crafts, live music, and dance performances when the Beaverton Night Market is held Saturday, July 22 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Round, 12725 S.W. Millikan Way.

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Making Amends

Racist past jettisoned in new name for dorm

New signs are up week at Unthank Hall, the University of Oregon dormitory renamed because of the Ku Klux Klan past of its former namesake.

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Human Beings, Not Numbers

Shining light on the humanity of the incarcerated

A new art show at the Pearl District’s Gallery 114 invites attendees to confront the humanity of the Oregon state prison system.

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Injured in Leap to Escape Fire

A longtime Portland resident and business owner was injured after jumping out of a second story window to escape an apartment fire in northeast Portland Thursday.

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Turning Back the Clock to a Time of No Rights

Health care repeal is a direct attack

The health care repeal that Republicans are pushing through Congress is a direct attack on the lives of black people throughout the country.

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Madison grows Muslim Student Alliance

A group of students at Madison High, the most ethnically and culturally diverse school in Oregon, is leading the way to facilitate positive perceptions about families in Portland who have emigrated from Muslim-majority countries around the world.

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Dance Films: Movement and Flow

The Northwest Film Center presents six Portland-made films featuring dance and movement.

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On Mississippi Avenue

Benefit Concert for IRCO

A celebration of IRCO, the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization serving refugees, immigrants and the community at large, will take place during a benefit concert, Thursday, July 27 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Mississippi Pizza Pub’s Atlantis Lounge, 3552 N. Mississippi Ave.

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In Loving Memory of Ethel Simon-McWilliams

Dr. Ethel Simon-McWilliams, an accomplished educational leader in Portland for decades and the former chief executive of the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, now known as Education Northwest, died July 12, 2017. She was 78.

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Trump’s Worst Collusion is with Corporations

Billionaires doing a lot better than Putin

Many leading liberals suspect, now with a little more evidence, that Trump worked with Russia to win his election. But we’ve long known that huge corporations and wealthy individuals threw their weight behind the billionaire.

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A Vital Connection Between Head Start and School

Working together for better results

I have been working in our community with Head Start since 1975. I have never been as excited as I am today about the path ahead to make progress for our students because of a new partnership Albina Head Start formed with Boise-Eliot/Humboldt School this past school year.

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‘Our Kids Can Achieve’

Retiring school leader on defying expectations

One of Portland’s most influential black educators has retired.

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Beyond White Culture

Diversity at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Stories of people of color written by people of color now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.

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First Muslim Cultural Festival

The community is invited to enjoy the best of Muslim cultural traditions at the first annual Portland International Muslim Cultural Festival on Saturday at Director Park, downtown.

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Health Care Proposal Built on Inequality

Epitomizes separate and unequal

Our representatives are on the brink of instating a health care plan that epitomizes separate and unequal. Thirteen U.S. Senators -- all white men -- sat behind closed doors in Washington, D.C. and crafted a replacement to the Affordable Care Act.

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Connecting to the River

Free canoe paddles for environmental focus

Free guided big canoe excursions along the lower Columbia River and its tributaries started up last week and will continue all summer as a non-profit works to keep the public informed on efforts to restore and protect habitat, improve water quality and reduce pollution.

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Affordable Commercial Space

Incentives offer help to minority businesses

A new Affordable Commercial Tenanting Program by the city’s economic development agency addresses a dramatic increase in retail rents and a decrease in vacancy rates which have resulted in the displacement of small businesses from urban neighborhoods.

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Author Breaks Yoga Stereotypes

Search for the term yoga online—the results display an endless scroll of slender young white women. It’s easy to see how someone who doesn’t fit that mold might feel alienated.

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On the Front Lines

Peer-recovery counselors battle opioid epidemic

A unique, collaborative approach to addiction care at Oregon Health and Science University is helping to tackle the opioid epidemic.

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In Loving Memory of Abe Rogers Jr.

Abe Rogers Jr. Sunrise: April 17, 1947 Sunset: June 19, 2017

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