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SNAP Benefits Grow Amid Health Crisis

Some qualifying individuals and families using SNAP will be able to buy more food with increased benefits.

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Check Your Risk for COVID-19

Public health officials and first responders from the Portland metro area Thursday launched a simple “symptom checker” tool that people ...

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Coronavirus Hits Black Community Harder

Black Americans deciding minute by minute whether to put their faith in government and the medical community during the coronavirus ...

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Emergency Food Operations Expand

Due to an extreme need for free food during the coronavirus public health crisis, the Sunshine Division is expanding their ...

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Social Distancing Appears to Slow Virus

Social distancing appears to be helping slow the spread of COVID-19 in the Seattle area, but Gov. Inslee says measures ...

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Heathcare Workers Fall Ill Amid Crisis

Twelve staffers at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland have tested positive for COVID-19

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Coping with anxiety during COVID-19

Multnomah County is reaching out to the local community with helpful information on coping with anxiety in the face of ...

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Celebrities get virus tests, raising inequality concerns

Celebrities, politicians and professional athletes faced a backlash this week as many revealed that they had been tested for the ...

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Trying to Slow an Epidemic

Authorities are making strong efforts to promote social isolation and social distancing as a way to prevent the spread of ...

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Drastic Measures Prepare for Onslaught

Public health experts warn that without drastic measures to slow the spread of the coronovirus epidemic, the demand for intensive-care ...

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Coronavirus Warning for Avoiding Large Groups

Public health authorities for Clark County in Vancouver Wednesday issued new recommendations for populations at higher risk of serious illness ...

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First Coronavirus Case in Multnomah County

The patient had no known contact with a person who has a confirmed case of the coronavirus

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Knowing the Color of LED Bulbs

One of the biggest problems with LED bulbs is knowing what color the bulbs produce. At Sunlan Lighting you will ...

Coronavirus Threat Grows

Portland area grocery stores saw toilet paper and other supplies sell out and leave shelves virtually empty.

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Black History Salute

Taylor has been a champion of improving health outcomes for countless Afro-Americans and others impacted by Sickle Cell Anemia.