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Denunciation Grows

“There has to come a point at which you say enough,” Obama declared.

Clinton Ascends to Nomination

Hillary Clinton makes history as the first woman to lead a major party in a presidential race

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Former Miracles Director Sentenced

Herman Bryant, 59, was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for embezzling money from the Miracles Club.

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Gun Waver Banned

Michael Strickland has been banned from two local institutions.

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Librarian Makes History

The Senate last week confirmed the longtime head of Baltimore's library system to be the next Librarian of Congress.

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Protests and Vigils

A sweeping march in downtown Portland happened before the Dallas violence on Thursday in the wake of the officer-involved shootings.

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Finding Common Ground

Obama insisted the nation is not as divided as it seems and called on Americans to find common ground in ...

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Deadly Ambush on Dallas Police

Police say a man suspected in the slayings had been upset about police shootings of two black men earlier this ...

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Report Finds Racial Bias

Oregon has the seventh highest percentage rate in the United States of incarceration of black people in state prisons.

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Police Command Shake Up

Portland Police Chief Larry O’Dea will be replaced by Captain Mike Marshman, Mayor Charlie Hales announced Monday.

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Measure 11 Prosecution Changes

Changes come for certain Ballot Measure 11 charges in the second degree.

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Horror, Anger and Healing

Portland’s Pride celebration is kicking off this week from a place of condolence and concern of safety after Orlando's events.

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President Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House

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Jury of One’s Peers? A Definite NO

Prosecutors are likely to exclude minorities from juries knowing that their personal experience may have caused them to distrust law ...

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Police Chief Investigated

Portland Polie Chief Larry O'Dea kept a shooting a secret for a month before telling the public.