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Light Rail Project Creates 10,000 Jobs

The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project has reached a new jobs milestone by creating 10,298 jobs, and providing a record ...

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Texting and Driving Crackdown

Texting and driving is getting more eyes with a new campaign to deter people behind the wheel from become distracted ...

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Sounding off on Texting and Driving

Some say it's "crazier than drinking and driving" others say people should even do jail time for it, Portland residents ...

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Going to Work

The largest monthly gain in jobs in Oregon a little under a decade has put a slight dent in the ...

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Say Goodbye to Trader Joe’s

It’s official, Trader Joes is out of a development deal that would have brought the specialty grocer to a lot ...

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Crash Victims Were Best Friends

Two Pacific University students who were killed in a car crash are being remembered for their friendship and for starting ...

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Kidz On Da Track

Longtime BMX coach is looking to push appeal of sport to more inner-city youth and kids of color in general ...

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Fighting Displacement

A plan to increase public monies for the construction of more affordable housing units in the gentrified neighborhoods of north ...

Remembering Charles Jordan

People from all over the city are remembering Jordan for his leadership, especially in his role as a former director ...

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Tax Credit for Mixed Income Apartments

Construction has begun for a new mixed-income, multi-famly housing complex in Vancouver thanks to US Bank and the Vancouver Housing ...

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Portland Youth Conference Rescheduled

A winter snowstorm that postponed a youth summit during Black History Month will take place over two days, April 11 ...

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Jazz from the Past

Blended into the façade of Innovative Housing’s newest housing complex are literal lenses to Portland’s African American history. Between the ...

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Home Forward Names New Board Member

Charlene Mashia has been appointed to Home Forward’s Board of Commissioners, replacing Lee E. Moore Sr., who retired from the ...

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Building Community

Sharon Maxwell makes it clear that as a long-time advocate for her community, she has been on the front lines ...

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Rose City Women Tell Their Own Stories

Women of color in the city are telling their own stories using a popular self-publishing artform called zines.