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Obama Endorses Biden for President

Former president calls Biden a “close friend” and praises him for his perseverance and compassion.

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Coronavirus Fight Tests Black Community

Existential threats are nothing new to the black community.

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Living and Working in a White Homeland

Our small numbers and small voice makes it challenging to say the least to be heard and recognized

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Black excellence is about who we have become

The short month of February is never enough time to adequately capture just how much black people have done for ...

Be Ever Vigilant: No Turning Back

At too many points in our national experience, black history and American history have seemed to tell different stories.

Light Your Candle in the Darkness

The inaction and actions of many human beings over a long time contributed to the crises our nation and children ...

It’s Our Duty to Fight for a Better Country

Senate Republicans chose to stage a shameful cover-up and protect a lawless, corrupt president.

Cascade Connections by Dr. Karin Edwards

Community colleges are how we bridge the gap between people’s current circumstances and their life goals.

The Legacy of Kobe Bryant: In His Own Words

The world lost more than a hardworking phenomenon known for a picturesque jump-shot and graceful style of play.

Rollbacks are Textbook Institutional Racism

Rollbacks of environmental protects will affect the health of black and brown people the most.

Unifying Working People of All Ages

Our country may be polarized by party. But the truth is, we have more in common to fight for than ...

Injustices Created the Racial Wealth Divide

The median black family today owns $3,600 — just 2 percent of the $147,000 of wealth the median white family ...

Don’t Expect Fair Elections in 2020

The African American journey through American history can be summed up in two words – unjust and unfair.

College Admission Tests Biased and Unhelpful

A lawsuit is taking on the University of California system’s use of the SAT and ACT standardized tests in admissions.

Preserving Power at the Expense of Others

Our long and ugly history of voter suppression, which likewise aimed to preserve the power of some at the expense ...