Don’t Call the Police, Call Your Neighbors

Black Americans are most at risk when police are called

Code Change Badly Needed for Equity, Diversity

Portland Gray Panthers support neighborhood association code changes

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Medical Debt and Surprise Medical Bills

Black Americans are more likely to have past-due medical debt than the national average

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Embrace Was Touching but Also Frustrating

Instead of calling for backup, she drew her gun and fired.

Many Stories about Bias in Medicine True

Biases against people of color have historic significance, even today

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When Simply Living is seen as Suspicious

Lawmaker says teens going to the mall shouldn’t be exclusive to those who have the right “look.”

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Guns Lethalize Hatred, Anger, Despair

Why does gun violence remain a uniquely horrible American epidemic and why does it go on and on and on ...

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Climate Change Is a Poor People’s Issue

The truth is vulnerable communities have been dealing with the effects of climate change and environmental pollution for decades now.

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The Truth about America’s Racist Presidents

Many if not most American presidents appear to have had racist proclivities.

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African Americans Built Ships and a Legacy

Despite being treated as second-class citizens at best, African Americans bravely served the United States in times of war, including ...

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Food Stamps Helped Me Get Back on My Feet

Food stamps did its job for me. It helped me get through a tough time until I could get back ...

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Vaccines Save Lives and Protect Future Health

The facts are simple: Vaccines are safe.

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No Pension Funds for War

"Our communities underwrite weapons manufacturing corporations through our public investments, including city funds, public university endowments, and through public employee ...

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Can the Party of Lincoln Be Racist? Absolutely

Republicans almost uniformly failed to reject Trump’s racist tweets. Instead, Rep. Ralph Abraham (R-LA) said that he would personally “pay ...

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Trump Rule Would Displace 55,000 Children

This rule will have an unprecedented discriminatory impact on families from other countries, regardless of their legal status — a ...