Anger and Forgiveness in Our Politics

The assumption is, if you want anger gone--and you should--you must forgive.

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Confronting the Impacts of Climate Change

Students from Portland area schools demand action on climate change

Marijuana Allows Me to Decrease Pain Medicine

Marijuana, or cannabis, has a wide range of medical applications.

Slave Quarters and Reconciling the Past

Trip to slave plantation was emotional experience.

America’s Racial Wealth Divide is Shocking

Median white families are 41 times wealthier than median black families in the U.S.

More Truths About Guns in America

When will parents be able to protect their children from guns?

Even in Narrow Terms, Trump Fits the Bill

We as a nation are still grappling with the legacy of our past

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Death and Dying as a Black Studies Professor

Portland State University Black Studies Department Chair writes critical piece on lack of support

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Honor Veterans and Protect the Postal Service

Across the country, nearly 113,000 veterans now serve as postal workers.

Don’t Call the Police, Call Your Neighbors

Black Americans are most at risk when police are called

Code Change Badly Needed for Equity, Diversity

Portland Gray Panthers support neighborhood association code changes

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Medical Debt and Surprise Medical Bills

Black Americans are more likely to have past-due medical debt than the national average

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Embrace Was Touching but Also Frustrating

Instead of calling for backup, she drew her gun and fired.

Many Stories about Bias in Medicine True

Biases against people of color have historic significance, even today

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When Simply Living is seen as Suspicious

Lawmaker says teens going to the mall shouldn’t be exclusive to those who have the right “look.”