Overmedicating Children in Foster Care

On any given day nearly one in four children in foster care is taking at least one psychotropic medication — ...

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Anti-gay Leaders Reach for Extreme Rhetoric

A lot of conservative religious leaders say people of faith are being “silenced” or “persecuted” here in the United States. ...

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Arming Police at PSU and the Coming Conflict

On the campus where I teach, Portland State University, there has never been a mass shooting. Indeed, as long as ...

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Presidential Candidates Lose Touch with Reality

Hardly a day goes by that another candidate doesn’t announce his or her intention to run for the presidency. One ...

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Fitness with ‘JJ’

Working out with a friend has its benefits. You are not lonely, you have someone to hold you accountable, and ...

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Never-Ending Cycle of Debt, Poverty and Jail

‘Held captive” was how one 13-year-old described the feeling of growing up poor in our wealthy nation. For more and ...

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People of Faith Must Do More Than Pray

The moral urgency of criminal justice reform is crystal clear. We are called to not only “pray” for those directly ...

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Baltimore Rising: Women at the Frontline for Justice

I applaud these women, and all women—and men—who are fighting for justice for Freddie and, by extension, for us

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Being Accountable for Our Military Interventions

The United States must accept responsibility for the damage its military actions have caused and recognize there are alternatives for ...

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You Need Context to Understand Baltimore Unrest

“Violence isn’t the answer,” the moralists chide when protesters throw rocks and clash with police. They’re right. But they’re telling ...

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A State of Emergency for Police Reform

A tragic déjà vu is playing out in communities all across America, particularly in the growingly skeptical streets of black ...

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Mother’s Day and the Fight for Immigration

This Mother’s Day, I can hug my mother tightly and celebrate with her. I’d like to thank our 40th president ...

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Colleges Must Lead on the Issue of Sexual Violence

Campus sexual violence has been the subject of an intense national conversation recently, but that dialogue often lacks critical input ...

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Imperative Call to Take Our Health Seriously

While anyone can be at risk for heart disease and stroke, almost half of all African-American adults have some form ...

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Speaking Up About Sexual Assaults at PSU

The discussion about sexual assault during Portland State University’s recent student body election may be an exception to the ever-present ...