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Tepid Response to Stop a Cooking Planet

After a quarter-century of buzz over global warming, the climate talkers are at it again, doing whatever it is they ...

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Being Black; Rachel Dolezal; and Charleston

This is my current situation. The white people in my life just don’t care. But what exactly do I expect? ...

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Time for an Ice Bath!

As a person that has been in physical activity from six years of age through my adult life the only ...

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Healthy Parks, Healthy Portland and Clean Air

Congratulations to Portland Parks and Recreation for now becoming a smoke-free environment throughout the entire park system. The benefits? Are ...

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Education Reform: The Equity and Excellence Project

All across the country, people are gathering to observe an annual academic rite of passage: graduation.

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Subsidizing Idle Rich While Poor Kids Go Hungry

To hear some politicians tell it, America’s welfare system is facing a grave crisis: Millions of poor people, they say, ...

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Nebraska Executes its Death Penalty

In a stunning vote last month, Nebraska became the first Republican-led state in more than four decades to abolish its ...

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Fight for Better Policing and Greater Accountability

Freddie Gray wasn't the only person to die at the hands of the police in April.

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Refocusing Our Affordable Housing Goals

A non-profit is refocusing its affordable housing goals and bringing folks back into the city.

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A Crusader for a Tax on Inherited Fortunes

Republican lawmakers celebrated Tax Day by voting to repeal the estate tax. If they get their way, the multi-millionaires and ...

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Opening a New Door and a New Set of Challenges

Your life’s journey—and its achievements—does not end here. Celebrate, because you’ve earned it; bask in your well-earned feeling of accomplishment ...

Overmedicating Children in Foster Care

On any given day nearly one in four children in foster care is taking at least one psychotropic medication — ...

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Anti-gay Leaders Reach for Extreme Rhetoric

A lot of conservative religious leaders say people of faith are being “silenced” or “persecuted” here in the United States. ...

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Arming Police at PSU and the Coming Conflict

On the campus where I teach, Portland State University, there has never been a mass shooting. Indeed, as long as ...

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Presidential Candidates Lose Touch with Reality

Hardly a day goes by that another candidate doesn’t announce his or her intention to run for the presidency. One ...