Marc H. Morial

Marc H. Morial

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Dr. Maya Angelou: I Rise, We Rise, She Rises

Continuing a legacy of love and vision

Marc H. Morial reflects on the legacy of the recently late poet, author, activist Maya Angelou.

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#BringBackOurGirls: Why We Should Care

A real war on women

Marc H. Morial calls the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian girls a "real war on women. Read Morial take on the #BringBackOurGirls here.

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Supremely Mistaken About Affirmative Action

A strike against truly equal access

Marc H. Morial calls Michigan's strikedown of Affirmative Action a loss for true equality.

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Report Underscores Urgency of Jobs Crisis

The racial dimensions of economic inequality

National Urban League president Marc H. Morial looks at the recent State of Black America report that shows blacks at alarming rates of unemployment and underemployment.

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Great Divide of Income Inequality

The growing gap between rich and poor

“Income inequality” has become the political buzzword of 2014. President Obama has made it a central theme of his second term. Both progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans in Congress are making it a focus of this year’s mid-term elections, and leading voices for human rights have called on government and business leaders to take immediate action to close the income gap for the sake of long-term economic and social stability. "--Marc H. Morial president of National Urban League

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Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Remember, honor and celebrate

" There are few men or women who leave such an indelible imprint and impact on the world that they are remembered, honored and celebrated by nations near and far for centuries after they depart. There are few people for whom even all the words in every language fail to convey the magnitude and meaning of their lives. Without a doubt in mind or heart, I know that Nelson Mandela is one among a very select few." Marc H. Morial

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Washington NFL Team Should Change Name

Time to drop the racial slur

" Last week, as Dallas and Washington revived their annual NFL football rivalry, they also found themselves in the middle of an escalating fight over the name of the Washington football team. In fact, as part of its “Change the Mascot” campaign; the Oneida Indian Nation is running radio ads in Dallas and the other cities where the Washington football team is playing this year calling for DC’s team to drop the “R” word from its name." --Marc H. Morial

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Don’t Play Politics with the Debt Limit

The American people lose with this political grandstanding

" It is also time to set the record straight about the debt limit – what it is, what it does and why it should never be a political pawn in an ideological game (yes, game) of who will blink first." --Marc H. Morial

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Good for Football and Good for America

Another barrier in sports is falling

"Sports is one of the most race-neutral meritocracies in America. From the record-shattering feats of Jesse Owens to the transcendent accomplishments of Serena and Venus, there is no doubt that African Americans can excel at the highest levels in any sport if given a chance. Historically, that chance has rarely been given to aspiring black professional quarterbacks." - Marc H. Morial

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Lessons of ‘The Butler’ Still Relevant Today

An American story that never gets old

" We tend to think of politicians, pundits and school books as the great troubadours of history and shapers of public opinion. But when a movie like “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” comes along, we are reminded that nothing moves the spirit or traces time like simple storytelling."-- Marc H. Morial