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Christa McIntyre is a Portland Observer reporter

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McCoy Academy Coming Down

The Portland Observer reported on the alternative school’s financial struggles in the face of gentrification last December. Since that time, the nonprofit Oregon Outreach organization that runs the school hasn’t been able to find affordable space for their classrooms and students.

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Staying Strong

‘Good in the Hood’ festival will go on

Community refuses to buckle from fear and intimidation

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Healing from the Trauma

Rev. Jesse Jackson offers a path forward after transit murders

Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Portland on Friday to help the city heal from the May 26 attack on a TriMet light rail train near the Hollywood Transit Station.

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Rebranded for Equity

Urban renewal agency becomes ‘Prosper Portland’

“Prosper Portland,” is the new name for the Portland Development Commission.

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Memories of Vanport

Survivor recalls flood and the aftermath

Marge Moss, a retired nurse and former employee at the Urban League of Portland, has been involved with the Vanport Mosaic Festival since its inception last year.

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Explore the Vanport Mosaic

Festival brings history to life

The Vanport Mosaic Festival is a celebration to explore, educate and remember the history and impact of those who lived and died in a community that was destroyed by floodwaters 69 years ago this weekend while also illuminating stories of struggle and resilience that illuminate Portland’s African American history.

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On Vanport's History:

Expert pens work about ‘The Miracle City’

Portland Community College Professor James Stanley Harrison is the official historian for the Vanport Mosaic Festival taking place this long Memorial Day weekend at multiple sites in north and northeast Portland.

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Home for Humanities

Alberta lodge renovated as cultural sanctuary

The big bulky building at 5131 N.E. 23rd Ave. just north of Alberta Street is a site familiar to many long time Portlanders. But for too long the structure had been left empty and a cold, dusty exterior gave off the feel of a ghost living on the block.

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Running for School District Change

Parent activist places blame on governance

Rita Moore says Portland Public Schools suffer from a chaotic and dysfunctional system of governance

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Priced Out

Portlanders Can't Afford Portland

As rental and housing prices continue to rise and wages remain stagnant, Portland's black community is being hit hard in the struggle to stay housed.

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