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Christa McIntyre is a former Portland Observer reporter

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Where History Happened

Preserving the African American experience

Portland’s Architectural Heritage Center, which has long been engaged with preserving the history of the African American experience in the city, has stepped up its efforts to record and place important buildings on the National Historic Registry.

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Mother Nature Cooperates for The Great Solar Eclipse

For a few minutes on Monday morning, Hustle and bustle of Portland’s streets come to a pause as the moon passes over the face of the sun

Amazing sight wows crowds

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Domestic Terrorism Erupts in Charlottesville, Virginia

On Saturday, August 12th violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia at a white supremacist protest against the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, the Confederacy’s top general.

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Whole Child Education

KairosPDX celebrates five years

KairosPDX, a north Portland K-5 charter school dedicated to bringing whole child education to underserved children, celebrated its 5 year anniversary this past Friday.

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A Music Man's Music Man

Terry Currier has his day

The city celebrates Music Millennium Owner Terry Currier who has contributed to the city's music scene for generations.

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Courageous Stand

Festival organizer honored for brave defiance

Shawn Penney did not let racial and violent threats stop him or his community when the multicultural Good in the Hood Festival received death threats last June. On Sunday, Penney, the president of the festival, was honored for his bravery and leadership in response to the hatred spewed.

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Madison grows Muslim Student Alliance

A group of students at Madison High, the most ethnically and culturally diverse school in Oregon, is leading the way to facilitate positive perceptions about families in Portland who have emigrated from Muslim-majority countries around the world.

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McCoy Academy Coming Down

The Portland Observer reported on the alternative school’s financial struggles in the face of gentrification last December. Since that time, the nonprofit Oregon Outreach organization that runs the school hasn’t been able to find affordable space for their classrooms and students.

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Staying Strong

‘Good in the Hood’ festival will go on

Community refuses to buckle from fear and intimidation

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Healing from the Trauma

Rev. Jesse Jackson offers a path forward after transit murders

Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Portland on Friday to help the city heal from the May 26 attack on a TriMet light rail train near the Hollywood Transit Station.

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