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Where History Happened

Preserving the African American experience

Portland’s Architectural Heritage Center, which has long been engaged with preserving the history of the African American experience in the city, has stepped up its efforts to record and place important buildings on the National Historic Registry.

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Mother Nature Cooperates for The Great Solar Eclipse

For a few minutes on Monday morning, Hustle and bustle of Portland’s streets come to a pause as the moon passes over the face of the sun

Amazing sight wows crowds

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Domestic Terrorism Erupts in Charlottesville, Virginia

On Saturday, August 12th violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia at a white supremacist protest against the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, the Confederacy’s top general.

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Whole Child Education

KairosPDX celebrates five years

KairosPDX, a north Portland K-5 charter school dedicated to bringing whole child education to underserved children, celebrated its 5 year anniversary this past Friday.

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A Music Man's Music Man

Terry Currier has his day

The city celebrates Music Millennium Owner Terry Currier who has contributed to the city's music scene for generations.

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Courageous Stand

Festival organizer honored for brave defiance

Shawn Penney did not let racial and violent threats stop him or his community when the multicultural Good in the Hood Festival received death threats last June. On Sunday, Penney, the president of the festival, was honored for his bravery and leadership in response to the hatred spewed.

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Madison grows Muslim Student Alliance

A group of students at Madison High, the most ethnically and culturally diverse school in Oregon, is leading the way to facilitate positive perceptions about families in Portland who have emigrated from Muslim-majority countries around the world.

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McCoy Academy Coming Down

The Portland Observer reported on the alternative school’s financial struggles in the face of gentrification last December. Since that time, the nonprofit Oregon Outreach organization that runs the school hasn’t been able to find affordable space for their classrooms and students.

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Staying Strong

‘Good in the Hood’ festival will go on

Community refuses to buckle from fear and intimidation

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Healing from the Trauma

Rev. Jesse Jackson offers a path forward after transit murders

Rev. Jesse Jackson came to Portland on Friday to help the city heal from the May 26 attack on a TriMet light rail train near the Hollywood Transit Station.

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Rebranded for Equity

Urban renewal agency becomes ‘Prosper Portland’

“Prosper Portland,” is the new name for the Portland Development Commission.

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Memories of Vanport

Survivor recalls flood and the aftermath

Marge Moss, a retired nurse and former employee at the Urban League of Portland, has been involved with the Vanport Mosaic Festival since its inception last year.

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Explore the Vanport Mosaic

Festival brings history to life

The Vanport Mosaic Festival is a celebration to explore, educate and remember the history and impact of those who lived and died in a community that was destroyed by floodwaters 69 years ago this weekend while also illuminating stories of struggle and resilience that illuminate Portland’s African American history.

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On Vanport's History:

Expert pens work about ‘The Miracle City’

Portland Community College Professor James Stanley Harrison is the official historian for the Vanport Mosaic Festival taking place this long Memorial Day weekend at multiple sites in north and northeast Portland.

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Home for Humanities

Alberta lodge renovated as cultural sanctuary

The big bulky building at 5131 N.E. 23rd Ave. just north of Alberta Street is a site familiar to many long time Portlanders. But for too long the structure had been left empty and a cold, dusty exterior gave off the feel of a ghost living on the block.

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Running for School District Change

Parent activist places blame on governance

Rita Moore says Portland Public Schools suffer from a chaotic and dysfunctional system of governance

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Priced Out

Portlanders Can't Afford Portland

As rental and housing prices continue to rise and wages remain stagnant, Portland's black community is being hit hard in the struggle to stay housed.

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Endurance Champ Helps Veterans

Uses strength to raise donations for suicide prevention

Michael McCastle, a former Navy Petty Officer, four-time world record endurance holder and a Portland Community College student, has set a date for his sixth physical challenge to raise money for veterans groups working to prevent suicide.

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Growing the Brand

Champions founder opens vocational school

A long time barber and the founder of Portland’s upscale Champions Barbershop, Lane is growing his brand by opening Champion’s Barbering Institute, Inc. (CBI), the only Portland school dedicated solely to teaching the craft of being a barber, located at 424 N.E. Killingsworth St.

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Cooking Up Culinary Careers

Teach Me to Fish eyes Alberta Street expansion

E.D. Mondainé and his Teach Me to Fish nonprofit organization are cooking up a new venture following the success of his Po’Shines Café De La Soul restaurants in Portland, a catering clinic and culinary school which will offer on-the-job training with investments back into the community.

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His Life Mattered

Mother appeals for answers in son’s death

Venus Hayes, the mother of 17 year old Quanice “Moose” Hayes who was fatally wounded by a Portland Police officer last month, gave an emotional and heartfelt statement to Portland City Council and Mayor Ted Wheeler last week asking one central question.

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‘I Marched in Selma’

Portland locksmith recalls the beatings and arrests

52 years ago, Portland locksmith and business owner J.J. Moore participated in the historic Selma to Montgomery marches to protest the massive discrimination facing black voters in Alabama.

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Heartbreaking and Inspirational

Illuminating the mental health wounds of war

Portland resident, retired Staff Sgt. Jocephus J. Duckworth has published a book to help his fellow combat veterans titled “The Soldier’s Story: The Invisible Wounds from War.”

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No Retreat on Civil Rights

Thousands join black ministers in call for action

An energized civil rights community in Portland is showing it will not stand down as it pushes for police reforms and faces a new federal government under President Donald Trump that threatens civil liberties of many communities

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Rent Hikes Bring Displacement

Two recent cases are vivid example

Recent massive rent increases and no cause evictions at two separate apartment complexes in north and northeast Portland are putting a vivid picture on displacement and the potential to move low income people out of their neighborhoods and local schools

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Reclaiming the Dream

Show of diversity’s strength amid fears of setbacks

On Sunday, January 15, 2017 nearly 100 people braved freezing temperatures, a foot of piled snow and solid inches of ice for a rally at Peninsula Park in north Portland and a march to the MLK statute on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at the Oregon Convention Center.

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Fire Victims Given Shelter

Temporary housing is found for the 98 residents displaced by last weeks 3 alarm fire at the Hotel Alder.

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A Refuge for Immigrants in Uncertain Times

Pastor leads movement for social justice

Pastor Mark Knutson is a national leader in a movement for social justice for immigrants struggling to obtain legal status in the United States. Northeast Portland’s Augustana Lutheran Church, a multicultural congregation where he serves as a spiritual leader, is one of the few churches to provide sanctuary for immigrants in fear of being deported.

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‘Let’s Talk’ for Racial Progress

Activist gathers voices to promote understanding

Portland author and photographer Margaret Jacobsen is the founder of a discussion and education group that connects people and focuses on community building to address racial justice issues. The group is called Let’s Talk.

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Live-Streaming for Political Change

Activist documents Trump protests worldwide

Activist and non-profit director Cameron Whitten looks at his citizen journalism as giving a bird’s eye view on the resistance to the Trump presidency.

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Drum Major Ecumenical Service

Panel discussion to highlight MLK celebration

One of the oldest African American congregations in the state, the Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church, will host people of faith from across the state this weekend to honor of the late civil rights leader Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. A special focus will be a panel discussion, “Where do we go from here,” led by moderator Bill Deiz.

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World Arts Tribute to MLK

32nd annual celebration at Highland Center

The 32nd Annual World Arts Foundation tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. will take place Monday, Jan. 16 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Highland Center, 7600 N.E. Glisan St.

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Counting on a Miracle

McCoy Academy faces closure

McCoy Academy, a non-profit private high school serving underserved students in Portland for more than a generation is facing closure.

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Sanctuary County

Board on notice for welcoming immigrants

Multnomah County has reaffirmed its commitment to serving all residents regardless of immigration status by passing a resolution making it an official ‘sanctuary county.’