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Mayor Proposes Protest Curbs

Would apply to groups with history of violence

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler will bring a proposed emergency ordinance to the City Council on Thursday asking the city to restrict when and where protest groups with a history of violence may gather and demonstrate, saying tougher regulations are needed to curb injuries to people, damage to public property and offset other safety concerns.

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Recruiting Challenge

Army jobs can appeal to all, top recruiter says

Service, teamwork, and career opportunities are what are in store for people who join the Army. That’s the message from Sgt. Maj. Tabitha Gavia, the first female senior enlisted leader in U.S. Army Recruiting Command history.

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Video Shows Officer-Involved Shooting

Details emerge after grand jury clears police

Officers fired seconds after suspect fired his own firearm five times against two people in a fight

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Momentum to Vote

Smith, Hardesty contest propels local ballot

Just a week out from the Tuesday, Nov. 6 General Election and Oregon is poised to see a larger than normal turnout, boosted in part by a bigger interest in the Midterm elections nationally but also in a local race for a coveted Portland City Council seat that will make history by ushering in Portland’s first black female councilwoman—the contest between former NAACP President and State Rep. Jo Ann Hardesty and current Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith.

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Community Driven

A new mission and a good fit for local leader

A community member with deep roots in northeast Portland and a track record of commitment to housing and urban development has been named the new Community Programs Manager at the Community Cycling Center a nonprofit organization located on Northeast Alberta Street whose mission is to broaden access to bicycling for all Portlanders.

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Election Countdown

Issues weigh heavy as ballots go out

As the Nov. 6 General Election draws close with vote-by-mail ballots already in the mail and being cast up until Election Day, the issues at stake are weighing heavy on the minds of voters, especially for working families, women, immigrants, and those seeking affordable housing.

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Advocating Tenants’ Rights

Security deposit, screening and other reforms urged

The goal is to provide more access to housing for people who currently face huge obstacles to finding a house or apartment to rent.

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Protest Turns to Brawl

Repeated clashes has mayor calling for new rules

After rival political factions broke into a bloody street brawl in downtown Portland again Saturday night, Mayor Ted Wheeler called on imposing new regulations to crack down on such occurrences in the future.

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Man Killed Leaving Comedy Show

Comedian arrested in separate incident

Man killed leaving comedy show; artist arrested in separate incident

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Shaking Up Controversy

Earthquake retrofits seen as next wave for displacements

A city-led effort to post and label some buildings in Portland as potentially unsafe during a major earthquake, the first step to requiring major and costly upgrades, is shaking up controversy with many African American community church leaders, among others, who say the unintended consequences of such a measure may lead to an undesired repetition of history: homes, businesses and non-profit organizations in traditional communities of color being displaced at the hands of the city.

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Barber Opens Retro Shop

Business start follows a passion for nostalgic

A local barbershop is bringing old school cool to the way they cut men’s hair. Classic Men in southwest Portland is a retro–style barbershop that delivers modern and traditional cuts in a nostalgic atmosphere.

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Designer Turns Skills into Business

Driven by passion and finding a niche

Angela Medlin, a seasoned African-American female designer with more than 25 years experience working for big-name companies like Nike, Adidas, Levi Strauss, Eddie Bauer and The North Face, has transformed her skill set to support a passion for entrepreneurship by launching two companies—one to feature indoor dog accessories from the home market and another to teach young designers of color how to break into the design industry.

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Biggest Chair at the Table

Black owned firm grows into major employer

From humble beginnings to winning multi-million dollar contracts, the black-owned construction company Raimore Construction of northeast Portland has proved what positive benefits can happen to communities of color when government agencies and other private contractors invest in contracting with small and minority businesses.

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Man Killed in Police Response

Officers confronted man after hearing shots fired

A community is in mourning even as many questions remain unanswered in the wake of an officer-involved shooting early Sunday that left one man dead. It happened around 3:30 a.m. at Southwest Third and Harvey Milk Street (formerly Stark) as police responded to civilian-on-civilian gunfire that left two others injured.

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Occupy PSU Protest

Call to disarm campus security enters second week

Portland State University students began a second week of camping outside the offices of the university’s Public Safety Office on Monday to protest the campus officer-involved shooting death of Jason Washington and call for the disarming of campus police entirely.

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Police Sued for Flash Bag Injury

Man claims crowd control device was used negligently

A man is suing the city of Portland for being hit in the back of the head with a flash-bang munition that police are accused of launching at counter-protestors without warning during a right-wing rally early last month in downtown Portland.

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New Garlington Campus

Expansion adds health services, housing

Governmental officials and community members joined Cascadia Behaviorial Healtchare’s grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony Friday to celebrate the new Garlington Center Campus, home to the Garlington Health Center and Garlington Place Apartments at 3036 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

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Housing on the Ballot

Measures aimed at growing need

In a region where rent and housing prices have increased far faster than wages and a growing homeless population is one of government’s most pressing problems, a new ballot measure coming in the November General Election proposes an affordable housing bond that leverages $652.8 million in new tax revenues for additional affordable housing units across the greater Portland area.

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United Against Hate

Clark sheriff, others, speak out on racism

Clark County officials in southwest Washington want the public and its employees to know that it rejects hate groups that propagate violence and discrimination, a message that’s now being shared by civil rights groups representing black and Latino communities in the area.

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Next Steps in PSU Shooting

Campus opens probes; board open to disarming

After a grand jury cleared two Portland State University police officers of criminal charges in the shooting death of a lawfully armed black man and evidence from the case is before the public for the first time, the university will begin its own public investigations into the circumstances of the case which will include an examination of PSU’s policing policies and may result in a decision to disarm campus police entirely, PSU officials said.

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Russell Clinic Expands

Second dentist to serve low-income community

The Russell Street Dental Clinic, which has served low-income community members from its north Portland headquarters for over 40 years, recently hired a second full time dentist and is now accepting new patients and celebrating by holding an open house this Saturday afternoon.

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Accepting the Challenge

For new OHSU leader, it’s about doing better

Dr. Danny Jacobs is the fifth president of Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) and the first African American to lead the medical institution.

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Supporting Tubman and KairosPDX

Thursday meeting at SEI to build coalition

Education advocates in Portland’s black community are calling on parents and other supporters to join them for a meeting on Thursday at Self Enhancement, Inc. to gather support for Tubman Middle School and KairosPDX Elementary, two public schools that serve African American students in north and northeast Portland.

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Black is Beautiful

Public art project draws on positive messages

The historic heart of Portland’s black community is receiving the finishing touches of a new urban beautification project that celebrates the contributions of African Americas to the city.

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Renovated Tubman Opens

School bell rings for two new middle schools

The first day of the new school year Monday saw the opening of two new middle schools serving diverse populations in north and northeast Portland—Harriet Tubman and Roseway Heights—serving 1,000 of the district’s 50,000 students from historically underserved communities.

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Smith: ‘I can win this’

Commissioner refocuses her campaign for City Council

Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith has refocused her campaign for Portland City Council and predicts she will make up ground from a second place finish in the primary to repeat history and win the general election this fall.

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Family Holds PSU Accountable

Pushes for disarming force; firing officers

Student groups and activists have also been voicing their continued opposition to keeping armed officers at the school and the NAACP Portland branch called the incident “an egregious violation of civil and civic rights.”

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Hardesty Focused on the Issues

Frontrunner has boots-on-the-ground campaign

As the decisive May Primary winner for a position currently occupied by retiring City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, city council candidate Jo Ann Hardesty is running confidently.

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Betting on Diversity

Filmmaker creates jobs incubator for blacks, females

The fellowship is the brainchild of Ifanyi Bell, an accomplished and Emmy-nominated African American filmmaker who grew up a mile and a half north of the original 35-year-old Portland Community Media building in northeast Portland.

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Fighting Displacement

Zoning plan to protect affordable Mobile Home Parks

The city’s 56 mobile home parks are some the most affordable residential areas left in Portland and many of the residents of these parks cannot financially afford to move.

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Advocating for KairosPDX

One year lease brings uncertainty

KairosPDX wanted a five year lease, but the district offered only one year, plus a rent increase of over 30 percent, according to KairosPDX school board members.

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Scooter Rentals Begin

Pilot transportation option will be evaluated

Two companies were allowed to set up shop for their app-based scooter services last week thanks to permits from the Portland Bureau of Transportation as part of a pilot program to test the compatibility of e-scooters in the city.

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Final offer for school bus drivers falls short

Workers say stike is possible

Portland Public Schools special education bus drivers may go on strike

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Inspired by Science

Young inventor competes for top prize

Rishab Jain, a soon-to-be eighth grader at Stoller Middle School in Beaverton, was one of 10 finalists chosen to fight for the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist” for his cancer treatment innovation.

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Team Beats Back Jail Door

Works with drug addicted, homeless to change outcomes

Pilot project helps struggling people, many living on the street, get connected with social services and treatment, instead of continuing to cycle through the criminal justice system.

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Court Pick Sets up Battle

Liberal groups in staunch opposition

Like Trump’s first nominee last year, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Trump's latest Supreme Court judge pick Brett Kavanaugh could help remake the court for decades to come with rulings that could restrict abortion, expand gun rights and roll back key parts of Obamacare.

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Deadly Force Reviewed

First shooting by PSU campus police kills man

Multiple witnesses report that man killed was trying to break up a fight outside the Cheerful Tortoise

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Memory Walks for Healing

OHSU study finds benefits for aging brains

Unique program focuses on brain health while also serving as a way of preserving the stories of community black elders.

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Federal ICE Building Reopens

Path cleared; protest camp continues

A federal immigration building in southwest Portland reopened Monday as a protest against President Trump’s immigration polices continues outside the building.

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Cold Case Turns Seven Years

Family tries to break silence on murder

Family members of a Portland murder victim, Leonard James “LJ” Irving Jr., whose death remains unsolved seven years after the fatal shooting, are urging anyone who may have information leading to an arrest to speak up.

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Keeping it Affordable

Non-profit partners with AmeriCorps to revitalize homes

A nonprofit in northeast Portland is hosting 12 AmeriCorps volunteers this summer to protect vital affordable housing by upgrading homes with green technology, building community gardens and more.

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Green and Equitable

Dispensary represents progress and end to war on pot

The opening of an African-American owned and hip-hop themed dispensary brings economic growth to a disadvantaged community while also giving back through its unique training program to help others find economic opportunity in the legal cannabis industry.

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Portland native makes splash in beauty industry

Brings science to her business

Portland native Kalauna Carter is making waves in cosmetics by helming an environmentally, cruelty free, nail polish business called Kolors by K that has already garnered some high profile customers.

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County Sues Trump Administration

Suit filed for changes to federal sex-ed grant requirements

Mulnomah County is suing the Trump administration for restricting a teen sex education grant to apply to abstinence-only curriculum.

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More Than a Game

Coach offers kids opportunity for success

A basketball team for youth is changing the game when it comes to giving kids opportunities to college scholarships and putting them on track to a professional athletic career.

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Recess on the Line

Community rallies to rebuild playground

Community members have created a GoFundMe page to help build a new playground at James John Elementary in north Portland because the district won’t pay for a new one, organizers said.

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Unlawfully Held

Mass detainment during protest not justified

A controversial mass detainment by Portland police of nearly 400 anti-Trump protestors at a demonstration in downtown Portland last year is now being hit on three sides for not being legally justified.

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Senator Denied Look at Immigration Facilities

Turned back from separated immigrant children

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore. ties to find out what's going on behind closed doors at some of the country's detention facilities amid concerns about the separation of children from their parents.

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Stepping Up for Kids

Rockwood Boys & Girls Club’s first summer season

The Rockwood Boys & Girls Club is now taking signups for its very first summer season of activities and programs serving a growing need to an ethnically diverse and often economically disadvantaged population in east Portland and Gresham.

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Transit Memorial Dedication

Hope and remembrance one year later

Hundreds of Portlanders gathered Saturday at a new mural adorning the Hollywood Transit Center with messages of hope and remembrance one year after a double fatal stabbing on MAX light rail stunned the community.