Darleen Ortega

Darleen Ortega has been a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals since 2003 and is the first woman of color to serve in that capacity. She sees two to three films a week and has been writing about movies for well over a decade, including blogging two film festivals and publishing a list of the year's best films. You can find her movie blog at www.opinionatedjudge.blogspot.com.

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Harrowing film ‘The Revenant’ broadens truths

Director portrays First Nations people with dignity

The critical reaction to the work of Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu chronically illustrates how dominant culture bias affects what stories are told and valued on film.

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Gritty ‘Tangerine’ on My ‘Best of 2015’ List

Made on a tiny budget of $100,000, "Tangerine" is the quintessentially Hollywood picture.

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Transitioning into Lili

Film tackles gender identity with wisdom, empathy

Learn why Judge Ortega simply loved "The Danish Girl."

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Compelling Focus on Police Tactics

‘Peace Officer’ Documentary screens in Portland

No matter where you think you stand on these issues, "Peace Officer" deserves attention and at least one viewing.

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Feeling the Punch

Working class upheaval on the Ashland stage

It often takes a generation or more before we can grapple very honestly with our most complicated stories, especially if they involve people at the margins, or people who aren't in a position to control the dominant narrative.

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Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Summer Season Highlights

If you haven't gotten a chance to head down to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this summer, Judge Ortega points out what you shouldn't miss on your next trip down.

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The Genius Who Powered the Beach Boys

‘Love and Mercy’ shows singer’s darker side

What I loved best about "Love and Mercy," the new film about Brian Wilson, the man whose genius powered the Beach Boys, is that it felt true -- deeply, complexly true, whether or not it is factually accurate -- yet also left me convinced that I don't and can't know the whole story of Brian Wilson's life.

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Unshackling an Imprisoned Soul

‘Marie’s Story’ resonates for its victory over crushing defeats

The film is based on the true story of Marie Heurtin, born five years after Helen Keller in Vertou, France.

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Wrapped Up in Humanity

Oregon Shakespeare Festival works stir heart and soul

Love. Loss. Longing. Hope. Treachery. Resilience. All are the stuff of human existence -- and also the stuff of theater.

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Journey into Humanity

‘Salt of the Earth’ brings lens to farthest reaches of the globe

For most of the last 40 years, acclaimed photographer Sebastião Salgado has been traveling the globe and focusing his practiced photographer's eye primarily on the experiences of people at the margins -- the poor, the dispossessed, refugees, the starving, the homeless.

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