Darleen Ortega

Darleen Ortega has been a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals since 2003 and is the first woman of color to serve in that capacity. She sees two to three films a week and has been writing about movies for well over a decade, including blogging two film festivals and publishing a list of the year's best films. You can find her movie blog at www.opinionatedjudge.blogspot.com.

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Powerful Screening to Move Body & Heart

Filmed version of Oregon Shakespeare Festival play unmissable

Filmed version of world premiere of "The Copper Children" is absolutely unmissable.

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Getting Creative with Films to See Online

Two new independent films worth checking out

Film distributers and theaters get creative about online access to films whose planned theatrical release were thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Final Days of PIFF Canceled

Impacts four days of screenings

Online viewing an option after festival canceled

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Scores of International Films to See

The 43rd Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) opens Friday, March 6, and runs through March 15. The festival runs a full week shorter than in prior years, but with more mid-day screenings.

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Exploring Life at the Margins

Theater in Portland this past weekend saw the opening of two terrific co-productions by important American women playwrights exploring questions of identity and life at the margins.

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Far Better Films than the Oscar Nominated

Alternatives to the more white, more male and less original Academy picks

The nihilistic "Joker" and Quentin Tarentino's bit of Hollywood narcissism top the list of this year's Oscar nominees.

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Brisk, Funny ‘Mean Girls’ Tackles Skin Color

Opinionated Judge by Darleen Ortega

What makes teenagers so exasperating to live with, and such fascinating story subjects, is that they reflect back to us what we least like to see in ourselves.

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Humanity Shines in ‘Sweat’

A timely insight into today’s economic woes

As the world of the union workers begins to crumble, we see how easily they can be pitted against each other

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Armory

Local actors front award-winning rock musical

For the uninitiated, "Hedwig" is a gritty, glittery drag-punk musical centered on two characters.

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‘The Two Popes,’ a Compelling Drama

Film approaches questions of faith with nuance and respect.

Those who are not religious may not immediately be drawn to this material, but the filmmakers help you understand why you should care.

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