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Olivia Olivia is a staff writer for the Portland Observer. She is also a columnist at The Rumpus, and her work has appeared on Salon, Jezebel, and NPR's CodeSwitch. Her work can be followed at www.oliviawrites.com.

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Bridging Cultures

Immigrant and refugee group taps leader

Learn how one immigrant is preparing to become the executive director of an organization that once helped his own family ease into American life.

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Selma Visit Brings Memories and Hope

Bonamici attends 50th anniversary tribute

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici shares how a visit to Selma last week brought her closer understanding on civil rights issues and the need to protect and restore voting rights.

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Poetry Slam

Reach out to young black writers

Over 100 SEI students took the opportunity to work with poet Patricia Smith to create original works of spoken word and slam poetry based on their own personal and cultural history.

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Job Barrier Target

‘Ban the Box’ aimed at second chance success

A new campaign to help people with convictions find a way into the job market might provide opportunities for rehabilitation.

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Rebuilding from the Ashes

Allen Temple struggles to carry on after fire

The Allen Temple CME Church is on its way to recovering after an electrical fire last month ran through its basements and sanctuary and has started fundraising to make repairs.

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‘Put Your Guns Down’

Urgent plea for peaceful path forward

Gang-related shootings are on the rise and the mourning families of shooting victims are urgently asking for an end to the violence and a peaceful path forward.

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Culture and Learning

African dance troupe integrates arts with education

An African dance troupe has a new program that integrates math and science education with traditional art and music, bringing STEM to children who naturally prefer to dance or sing.

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Black Lives Matter

Lesson in justice turns to a call for action

The Mock Trial team at Ockley Green Middle School decides to put on an assembly to share their hopes and fears around racial-profiling with the community.

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Possible Freedom for Marijuana Offenders

Frederick proposes law to align with new legalization

Recreational marijuana is on the verge of legalization in Oregon, but what will become of the scores of men and women with previous convictions? What will happen to their records or their remaining sentences?

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Jobs and Hope

Happy Cup Coffee a conduit for happy lives

A small corner of northeast Portland is expanding to create more jobs and hope for adults with developmental disabilities.

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