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Olivia Olivia is a staff writer for the Portland Observer. She is also a columnist at The Rumpus, and her work has appeared on Salon, Jezebel, and NPR's CodeSwitch. Her work can be followed at www.oliviawrites.com.

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Mother of Juneteenth Dies

Clara Peoples brought celebration to Oregon

Clara Peoples, a beloved community leader, educator, and mother of Portland’s annual Juneteenth celebration, died Monday, Oct. 5.

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Lining Up for Pot

Recreational marijuana sales change the landscape

Marijuana retailers and specialty shops and their customers in Portland and across the state are adjusting to a new reality with the start of legal recreational sales of the drug.

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From the Ground Up

Black-owned business grows into powerhouse

With Portland building and growing as quickly as it is, engaging communities of color in the development of the city has been critical. One family has managed to step forward and become a powerhouse in the construction industry, working from a diverse group of builders, plumbers, electricians, architects, and other construction workers in the growth of the city.

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Stay Ready to be Ready

Opening doors to business opportunities

An incubator for minority-owned businesses is embarking on a new mentorship program at their new north Portland location while continuing their everyday efforts to promote economic development for ethnic minorities.

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City Makes Progress on Police Reforms

But first assessment has many issues remaining

The city of Portland has its first report card on how it’s doing in making progress on police reforms in light of last year’s settlement of a lawsuit over the way police deal with people with mental illness and others, including people of color.

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Protest over Armed Police

Fall term opens with tensions on PSU campus

Nearly 100 students and community members protested Portland State University’s convocation ceremonies and held a rally outside Monday as fall term gets underway because of a controversial decision made last spring to arm the university’s campus security force.

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Young Poets in Action

Engaging in literacy, leadership and activism

Portland is about to get its first ever youth poet laureate.

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Fostering Love for Children in Need

Volunteer tackles cultural gap for kids in foster care

A lack of culturally-specific resources for children of color in foster care across the nation is getting a local solution.

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Renter Emergency Declared

Group protests evictions and rising rents

It's a renter's state of emergency and there's a rally tonight - if you're renting and need to know what's happening in Portland learn more now.

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Catching the Orange Line

Opening day to expand transit connections

Portland and its public transit agency TriMet is celebrating the completion of its latest state-of-the-art asset, the new Max Orange Line, bringing light-rail service to inner southeast Portland and Milwaukie and providing a new and faster link to a transit system that extends its reach through the Portland metro area.

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