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Olivia Olivia is a staff writer for the Portland Observer. She is also a columnist at The Rumpus, and her work has appeared on Salon, Jezebel, and NPR's CodeSwitch. Her work can be followed at www.oliviawrites.com.

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Power of the Vote

From marijuana to parks, ballot issues dominate

Voters are about to have their say in an election featuring Oregon candidates for Governor and U.S. Senator and dominated by some important and controversial issues, ranging from supporting parks and schools to the proposed legalization of marijuana and allowing driving privileges based on the ability to drive safely and not on immigration status.

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In Loving Memory

Ester was a sweet, loving, giving mother and grandmother who treasured spending time with her family.

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Promoting Neighborhoods and Trees

Group Celebrates 25 Years with Special Offer

Find out how Friends of the Trees is bringing a new canopy line to the Portland area

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Prayer for Healing

Community invited to join ‘Our Response’

Members of the African American community and others are invited to attend a spiritual response to issues impacting our community and the nation on Monday, Oct. 27 at Maranatha Church, 4222 N.E. 12th Ave.

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‘Dear White People’ Comes to Town

Long-awaited comedy on being black face in a white place

The Black indie comedy of the year is coming to Portland this Friday - will you be there?

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Ebola Alert

In Oregon, flu considered more of a risk

"What we've learned," says Dr. Paul Lewis, the Tri-County Health Officer for the Portland area, "is that we're probably more likely to deal with suspected cases than real cases."

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Family Mourns Father, Grandfather

Killed when hit by Max train

Tragedy befalls a Portland family when a Max train hits and kills local grandfather, Joe Hill.

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Voters Get Ready to Decide on Marijuana

Will Oregon go the way of Washington and Colorado this election?

Ballots went out today and Oregonians will be forced to decide the fate of marijuana laws in their state. Find out what effects Measure 91 could have on everything from who gets arrested to who gets taxed for what. And don't forget to vote!

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Unfairly Expelled from Schools

District fined; parent leader pushes forward for change

Sheila Warren has spearheaded action against the unfair suspensions and expulsions of so many black students. As the state pursues action against Portland Public Schools, Warren and her organization must find new ways to keep pushing for discipline reform and seek justice for students of color.

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Author Turns to Publishing

How one woman has built a local business out of her love of words

With the support of her mother and sister, plus some church friends, Rochelle Carter says she wanted to create a business that will leave a legacy for her children and the future.

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